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Captain of industry, mommy blogger, retired astronaut, and four term Congressman from Vermont.
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.@kstraith: see for the details. Let me know your thoughts on that.
.@kstraith: for instance, Ingraham/Coulter/etc could warn a vulnerable Dem they intend to discredit that Dem to their base over amnesty.
.@kstraith @DaveSwindle: a radio/TV pundit named Ingraham did help get a Congressman elected, so there's that. There's more she etc could do
.@kstraith: point out to @DaveSwindle Coulter is entertainer who barely lifted a finger to stop Obama's amnesty. She could have but refused.
.@kstraith I bet you haven't read her books. They're the reason why I respect @AnnCoulter so much. Not for her jokes.
.@kstraith during last year's columnists list I ranked @AnnCoulter & Thomas Sowell as higher than @benshapiro #tcot
.@kstraith But by all means. Tell me - who are the conservatives who you think are so different & better than @BenShapiro ? #tcot
.@kstraith Here's an open letter I wrote to my younger brother today, where I recommend @benshapiro to him w/ others
.@kstraith That wasn't a piece that @benshapiro wrote. You can't blame him for every mistake at Breitbart. You're really reaching now.
.@kstraith "When people make corrections or find things that I do wrong, it doesn’t upset me. It urges me to do better." @benshapiro
.@kstraith Then when aren't you trying to find the good in @BenShapiro? All you've pointed to is one error, not a malicious, intentional lie
.@kstraith you're the one who said you believed in Karma. For a Christian you're not acting very Christ-like at all.
.@kstraith or we just have different values. Yours apparently based on your feelings & Eastern nonsense. @benshapiro & me? The God of Israel
.@kstraith You don't know @BenShapiro. I've known him for years & edited his work. He is a decent man who lives according to the Torah.
.@kstraith What lies? And what "agenda" do you think he needs lies to pursue? @benshapiro
.@kstraith Why shouldn't I trust @BenShapiro?