I love couches

October 10, 2003 MOUNT POCONO, PA - The Poconos? In Lonewacko's mind, that has a vague association with cheezy honeymoon palaces for Joiseyites. Which, indeed are here. As well as the Mount Pocono Golf Club in which Lonewacko is now sitting on a couch using their WiFi.

In addition to those above, this area is home to the Delaware Mountain Gap National Reserve, which does have some rock climbing, but it doesn't appear to be too very popular, and Lonewacko needs to move on currently.

So, temporarily at least, Lonewacko is leaving the land of the Poke-a-nose Pottery Shop ("Make your own!"), Gabel's, home of fairly cheap, small portioned resort food (ate there twice already), Dave's Unique Gifts, the local massage parlor with their all-Asian staff (didn't visit), and the local porno shop (didn't visit).

Lonewacko will not miss the huge traffic jam on the 611 through Stroudsberg, which is apparently caused by the 20,000 or so local residents - many newcomers - who commute from here to NYC.