Conservatism Kills!

From this Nature article of 9/20/02:

A nation's suicide rate increases under right-wing governments according two studies that have looked at Australia and Britain over the past century.

Alienation and isolation may run higher in societies driven by competitive market forces, suggest the teams behind the findings. Left-wing rule, focusing more on equality, might put people under less pressure...

In total, there were 35,000 extra British suicides under the Conservatives. "One for every day of the century, or two for every day that the Conservatives ruled," Shaw points out...

"However," Cooper adds, "political parties now are not so distinct." He predicts that with the political gulf between parties narrowing, the suicide gap "will close quite dramatically in the next 50 years".

These studies just confirm what I already knew. And, most likely that goes for the researchers as well.

See this post for another study that found what they wanted to find.