"Mexico's Terrified Tancredo-Bashing"

Here's a highly recommended article from an American living in Mexico, Allan Wall. Apparently U.S. Rep. Tancredo has some people a bit scared.

Despite (or perhaps because of) that, Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez is, to use the vernacular, pimping the U.S. to other countries:

Universal also reported that Derbez was even bold enough to make promises to immigrants in the U.S. from other countries besides Mexico:

"He [Derbez] pointed out that these actions could benefit migrants from other countries, 'because the law (U.S. law) will not be able to discriminate between migrants', and the U.S. government will not say: this is a law only for Mexican migrants."

Will anyone in the U.S. mind being "pimped" like this? Probably not, considering the lack of response to Mexico's foreign minister's statement from last year that Mexico was to begin "propagating militant activities" in the U.S.

Expect to see even more of this in the future: more lobbying of state and local officials by Mexican consuls, more attempts to get businesses and governments to accept the Matricula Consular card, more trying to get illegal immigrants a better tuition break than U.S. citizens.

And, expect more of the continuing series of pro-illegal-immigration editorials in papers throughout the U.S., perhaps with an anti-Tancredo slant.

Related to the last, this other article traces a series of editorial which appeared in 18 newspapers in November and December of last year.

The editorials are strikingly similar. The same talking points, the same call for a "migration accord," the same mentions of 9/11, NAFTA, etc. etc. Almost as if they're just different versions of the same editorial written by the same person, perhaps modified a bit for local consumption...

Yet, each editorial is bylined with the name of a local Mexican consular official. Interesting, no? Keep that in mind the next time you read a pro-illegal-immigration editorial in your favorite rag.


Wow, the Mexican government must be hiring the GOP's PR people for those editorials. Or not. Keeping everyone on-message with templates should be old hat for any political party. It's cute how annoyed the other sides get when it's revealed while their political puppet masters pull the same strings.

Sorry, feeling snarky about this. I do appreciate your unique focus on Mexican-American relations, considering how little of the big picture you're painting shows up elsewhere. Of course, I can say the same thing about a lot of bloggers' interests - thank you Internet.