"Receiving low-cost tuition denied to many citizens"

Here's a good article about state laws that give illegal aliens college tuition at the in-state rate. In other words, illegal aliens pay lower tuition than out-of-state citizens:

At California's state universities, in-state students and undocumented aliens pay an annual tuition of $1,839, out-of-state students pay $7,380; at the University of California Berkeley, in-state residents and undocumented aliens pay $3,859, out-of-state students pay $15,000...

The advocates of this discrimination claim they want undocumented aliens to get a college education so they can become productive residents. But undocumented aliens cannot legally hold a job in the United States.

Let me put that in a clearer format:

at state unis:
in-state undocumented aliens: $1,839
out-of-state citizens: $7,380

at UCB:
in-state undocumented aliens: $3,859
out-of-state citizens: $15,000

For the state unis, a citizen pays $5,541.00 more than an illegal alien; at UCB, a citizen pays $11,141.00 more than an illegal alien.


You forgot a couple of pieces of information. How much do In-State students pay at State Unis and UCB? Also, how much do out-of-state illegal immigrants pay at those schools?

Narrow-mindedness will get us nowhere.

It will never be fixed. Those who attempt to attack the disparity shown by this post will simply be labeled racists.

This is the left's way of creating "diversity" at our college campuses. Sooner or later it'll be fixed though like affirmative action is about to be.