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"Receiving low-cost tuition denied to many citizens"

Here's a good article about state laws that give illegal aliens college tuition at the in-state rate. In other words, illegal aliens pay lower tuition than out-of-state citizens:

At California's state universities, in-state students and undocumented aliens pay an annual tuition of $1,839, out-of-state students pay $7,380; at the University of California Berkeley, in-state residents and undocumented aliens pay $3,859, out-of-state students pay $15,000...

The advocates of this discrimination claim they want undocumented aliens to get a college education so they can become productive residents. But undocumented aliens cannot legally hold a job in the United States.

Let me put that in a clearer format:

at state unis:
in-state undocumented aliens: $1,839
out-of-state citizens: $7,380

at UCB:
in-state undocumented aliens: $3,859
out-of-state citizens: $15,000

For the state unis, a citizen pays $5,541.00 more than an illegal alien; at UCB, a citizen pays $11,141.00 more than an illegal alien.

Immigration2003 · Tue, 03/25/2003 - 10:45 · Importance: 1

Sun, 09/28/2003 - 09:59

You forgot a couple of pieces of information. How much do In-State students pay at State Unis and UCB? Also, how much do out-of-state illegal immigrants pay at those schools?

Narrow-mindedness will get us nowhere.

Tue, 03/25/2003 - 16:11

It will never be fixed. Those who attempt to attack the disparity shown by this post will simply be labeled racists.

Tue, 03/25/2003 - 15:52

This is the left's way of creating "diversity" at our college campuses. Sooner or later it'll be fixed though like affirmative action is about to be.