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Ashley Killough
Washington, DC
It's 'Killough' like 'pillow.' Covering the GOP presidential race for @CNN. Snap: ashleykillough Insta: ashkillough
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She refused to call Jeb on admitting how GWB screwed USA. She's a fluffer. RT @renarddans @KilloughCNN Stop pretending to be a journalist
.@Dc37Deborah: @KilloughCNN fluffed Jeb too. #CNN went easy on Saddam in exchange for access. They speak soothing words to power. #Trump2016
.@cindypope: #CNN went easy on Saddam in exchange for access: they suck up to power. Eg, @KilloughCNN refused to ask Jeb tough questions.
.@Analisa_Swan: what do you think of @KilloughCNN transcribing Jeb Bush's remarks & speaking with him, but w/o asking him tough questions?
.@KilloughCNN: if you weren't a hack or an idiot, you'd call Jeb on what he said. See last three tweets:
.@KilloughCNN: you wrote "Jeb Bush says Donald Trump's supporters aren't a bunch of idiots" & spoke to Jeb. Are you bad reporter or idiot?
RT @KilloughCNN As Al Jazeera America tried asking Trump a Q tonight, he said, "you guys are out of business!" and moved on// #idiocracy
.@KilloughCNN: I'm trying to figure out where your background is from. Grand Canyon or Zion?
.@KilloughCNN: the @publicreligion #immigration poll is deceptive. Wouldn't a real journalist point that out to her readers? #CNN #tgdn #sgp