More U.S.-supported U.S. separatism

Res Ipsa Loquitur links to this story about a CalTrans-approved park in San Diego to be called 'Chicano Park':

Aztlan will now be spelled out prominently with colored rocks along a section of the park near Logan Avenue. The Chicano Park logo, which features a map of the United States with the word Aztlan over the Southwest, will also be included as part of another art project for the park.

According to our state officials, this is all just A-OK. But, if you don't know what Aztlan is, the article 'Multiculturalism, Immigration and Aztlan' might clue you in to why this is not A-OK.

The homepage for the California Division of the Federal Highway Administration is here. Click on 'Directory' to see contact information, including that of Lance Yokota, their Civil Rights Program Manager.

Contact information for Caltran's Civil Rights Program is here, and the email address for Pedro Orso from Caltrans is , which you can get from The email address of the District 11 Public Information Officer is

RIL also links to this interesting article 'Mexico's Northern Strategy', which contains yet another series of damaging quotes, including this one I hadn't heard before. According to Juan Hernandez, the the former head of Mexico's disbanded Presidential Council for Mexicans Abroad: "I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think 'Mexico first.'"