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Bill Ong Hing's Orwellian, ironic war on white people, er, racism

At the Huffington Post, immigration-related law professor Bill Ong Hing of the University of San Francisco offers "Honor Trayvon Martin's Death: Declare War on Racism" [1]. His ideas for that war are not only Orwellian, but ironic too: the "war" he has in mind would clearly just be directed at white people.

I'm just going to provide an excerpt of the worst parts. While a persuasive argument against articles like this would be very valuable, don't expect that from today's conservatives: they present themselves as the Only True Opponents of the Far-Left, but that opposition is either missing on certain topics or is incompetent.

Someone like Mitch Daniels would simply cede the field to those like Hing, and the same is true of other fiscal conservatives such as FreedomWorks, Grover Norquist, and those controlled by the Koch family. Major rightwing bloggers and the Tea Parties movement have shown that they aren't willing or able to show the audience for articles like this how such articles are wrong.

From the article:

The tragic shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin highlights the sad truth that racial profiling of African Americans and the country's racial divide continue. The juxtaposition of this incident and the winding down of our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan provides us with an opportunity to declare another war -- a war on racism in America...

...From hate speech and hate crimes to employment discrimination and forms of social preference, subtle actions and institutionalized racism continue to challenge our nation...

...three years ago the president sat down to discuss profiling with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and his arresting Boston police officer...

The problem with polite talk on these issues is that it lets the vast majority of the nation off the hook. The nation ends up treating overt incidents as the exception, regarding those instances as rare. In fact, the prime target should be the foundation of institutionalized racism that has created an environment that enables subtle and unconscious racism, emboldens perpetrators of racist speech, and licenses acts of hate.

We need more than polite talk. We need a sense of outrage and indignation. We need massive mobilization over the issue. We need a declaration of war. The declaration of war on the evils of hate and racism must be loud and constant... Call for new laws, enforcement of existing regulations, smart coalition-building, civility, respect and approaches to addressing private attitudes and actions...

...[George Bush spoke out after 9/11 but] he and other leaders did little to demonstrate sophisticated knowledge about the racialized structures of our society that continue to keep down underprivileged blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, and many Asian Americans.

[1] huffingtonpost . com/bill-ong-hing/honor-trayvon-martins-dea_b_1376822.html

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