Ben Smith /Politico keeps lying about Obama certificate issue

If you trust the reporting of Ben Smith of the Politico, I hope to change your mind. He offers "Culture of conspiracy: The Birthers" (link), which is just the latest in his attempt to smear those who have questions about where Barack Obama was born and whether he's eligible to be president. And, this excerpt contains a blatant lie:

A quick reality check, before we dive in: The challenges to Obama's eligibility have no grounding in evidence. Courts across the country have summarily rejected the movement's theory - that Obama can't be a citizen because his father wasn't - as a misreading of U.S. law; and Hawaii officials, along with contemporary birth announcements, affirm that Obama was in fact born in Honolulu in 1961.

The last bit is completely false:

1. Those "contemporary birth announcements" do not list where Obama was born or in which hospital (see the first item here). They only list the supposed address of his parents. No one has ever documented who placed the ads, and they aren't proof of anything.

2. Hawaii officials never "affirm[ed] that Obama was in fact born in Honolulu". Read their statement, which says nothing about where Obama was born. And, when I asked them to confirm Ben Smith's assumptions, they refused.

See the Obama citizenship summary for much more.

The bottom line is that Ben Smith of the Politico is a brazen liar.

3/16/09 UPDATE: Ben Smith lied again, saying (

Obama has actually produced a copy of his Hawaii birth certificate, and it has been certified by the state of Hawaii.

1. He only "produced" it to FactCheck, and the same page where they have pictures of the cert - pictures that they later compressed and removed EXIF data from - contains the blatant lie that Hawaii verified where Obama was born.

2. The state of Hawaii never "certified" that picture. They only said they have a cert on file. The picture and what they have on file may be different.


Actually, the bottom line is that you are a nut job.

The BOTTOM LINE is he still hasn't shown it...has he? Any idiot who can't see how easy it would be for him to end this controversy by producing the birth document is the real "nut job". Common sense has truly disappeared when reality is called a "conspiracy theory" . Hello...the constitution calls for a president to be American born. It should have been a prerequisite from the get-go. Unfortunately the dumbing down of America is rampant and taking over.

Joe Citizen: anonymous coward without an argument or evidence Obama is a citizen. Why do the leftists always come here to engage in ad hominem? Because they wear their stupidity on their sleeve like a badge of honor.

And they know deep in their hollow heart space that they have made a HUGE error in electing "The One."

I think Mary got this one right! ! !

Obama is now in power for one reason the system boys wanted him in for the total dismantling of this nation and that is why he is president and that is the end of th, story you can't get him out he is the front rat for the one world monkeys. By the way the obama family has renamed the white house the people house isn't that telling you something about what comes next?

The anger is rising...if you listen to talk radio.....(which is why they want to shit it down) .Did you see Pat Buchanans' column ? He says it's time for PITCHFORKS !! And many agree....

That was a typo ...honest....but apropos none the less.........

"Joe Citizen: anonymous coward without an argument or evidence Obama is a citizen. Why do the leftists always come here to engage in ad hominem? Because they wear their stupidity on their sleeve like a badge of honor." Congratulations. You have won today's Award for Idiotic Irony, based on the following criteria: 1. "anonymous coward" - So petty bourgeois is your real name? How outre of your parents. 2. "anonymous coward" - Kicking off with an ad hominem in a post criticizing someone for an ad hominem attack. Stellar. 3. "... without an argument or evidence ...". Strip away the foam-flecked nonsense in your post and there is nothing left. Wear your award with pride. Idiot.

Thanks for keeping a clear insistence on the basic facts like this. By now it's clearly probable that Obama's administration is fraudulent. Each of us must come to our own terms with this. At some point, people like Ben Smith will most likely come over. The facts themselves don't lie.

@ A Reader "By now it's clearly probable that Obama's administration is fraudulent." What does "clearly probable" even mean?

Wow, you folks really do exist. Wow.

How come you need proof for Obama when you accept god's existence based on nothing but conjecture?

The "BOTTOM LINE" is that Hawaii has said they have a certificate on file for Barack Obama. So unless you think that Hawaii is in the business of certifying Kenyan births, Obama was born in Hawaii.

jenniebee: If you'd bothered to read the summary page [1], you'd know that Hawaii does in fact hold certs for those born outside the state. Those born in other states or even countries can get a valid Hawaiian birth certificate.


100% batshit insane.

I just realized something much to the disappointment of the birthers. Nothing will come of it no matter how mad you get, and Obama will still be president until 2016.

Wow... You people are really crazy. I suggest you seriously consider forming a third party to run Sara and Joe (the Plumber) for the President/VP jobs in 2012. Your Republican buddies in the House have just voted to support a resolution that Obama is a U.S. citizen. Obviously they are now under the mind-control rays coming out of the White House and can no longer be trusted. Given the geographical distance of Alaska from the White House and the low-IQ protection that Joe has, I suspect that both Sara and Joe have not yet succumbed. Good luck.

Birthers! You so crazy! Good luck, whatever.

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