Baby steps: Instapundit finally pushing my two year old idea to ask politicians tough questions on video

Since February 2007, when I attended an Obama rally and unsuccessfully tried to ask him a tough question, I've spent endless hours trying to get others to do something similar with him or other politicians; see the question authority page for the overview and an action plan. Basically it's a Joe the Plumber type of idea, albeit with JTP replaced by "Pete the Prosecutor" or "William the Wonk".

If people had done that one or two years ago, Obama might not be president, and McCain might not have been the nominee. Yet, it's been extraordinarily difficult to get others to do something that would be so effective; instead they want to waste time on things that aren't as effective or are even counter-productive.

So, it's good to see that, even if just one time in one muted post, Glenn Reynolds is finally suggesting that his readers do something effective (

TEA PARTY FOLLOWUP: What a handful of people can accomplish. Try showing up a a Congressional meet-and-greet and asking some questions. Then YouTube the response.

That links to

Get a half dozen friends and attend your local school board meeting... Call out the school board members by name and ask them what they are going to do about it... Another suggestion: show up at your Congressman's local town meetings with a half dozen friends and ask tough questions. He or she will notice or at least be uncomfortable.


I don't thing any of the political question can be asked, the political dogs in office want this country dead, the head boy in washington hates this nation and all its ideals and Liberty is now viewed as a joke by the head boys in power. In fact way to many third world people have power in all areas of our goernemets local and state and fed, and all hate the ideals of liberty and the ideals of freedom and laws and justice. most of the foreign pigs who how rule us all like dogs want to become part of the world oligarch's or some evil soviet monkey idea. the real goal of evil is to remove the people of ideals and replace that people with little puppet like in mexico or china or many other people puppet places on this good earth. any who stand against this evil ideals of evil people will understand the ideals of what camps are. next move by our enemies is mass free immigration called Reform. ask any political pig at any level insie any part of government and see what you get back. see you in the jail house