Ask Jonah Goldberg: do you support childish mocking of Obama, or Buckley-style questioning?

Jonah Goldberg of National Review is promoting (link) a reader's letter that suggests that Republicans laugh at and mock Barack Obama because he has a "glass jaw". Can the reader imagine William F. Buckley promoting such a childish, anti-intellectual plan? Wouldn't Buckley instead want to engage Obama in debate instead of engaging him in kindergarten taunts?

In fact, before the election, I pointed out that Obama did indeed have a glass jaw. However, I wanted people to take advantage of it in the right way: by pressing him on his flawed policies and his lies. Not by acting like five-year-olds. See this, this, and this for examples.

Please take a few moments and contact Goldberg and ask him to promote engaging in debate, such as with our question authority plan. Ask him to renounce sleazy, childish tactics and instead attempt to raise the level of debate in the U.S.

You can email him at JonahNRO *at* or send him a tweet at @JonahNRO. Please contact your friends via social networking sites and ask them to do the same.

As a further sign at how childish the reader's letter is, Glenn Reynolds is linking approvingly to Goldberg's post (


I can be really Childish and totally racists when it come to my enemies.

OK, i contributed to this because i couldn't to the other one. Will it do any good? Goldberg struck me a long time ago on c-span with his vehemence over the left using the "nazi" label when referring to repubs. So, that made it more appalling when he was one of the first to promote this fad of calling obama a nazi. ========================= "If you saw the fox feed, it was on the tight shot when he said it. I remember being struck at how angry his face looked, much like it did after Joe Wilson's comment last year. That's his greatest weakness. Republicans should just start laughing at him and making jokes." """""""""""""""""" Jonah, You apparently attract some impressive readers. It would have been useful to look at that link to see how accurate the writer was with judging other's emotions. Say its true though - and that Obama's greatest weakness isn't his teleprompter malfunctioning, ... In the case that they're ever worried their laughing might be detected as contrived, they can always rely on ticking off Obama by rehashing their joke of him being a "Nazi". (Or, "Fag") Using care is wise when needling with witty facts because that has a tendency of backfiring when those facts aren't true. ========================