April, 2009: Mitt Romney now wants immigration "reform"

Last year, it was difficult to tell where Mitt Romney stood on immigration matters because he crafted his various statements in an ambiguous fashion and - of course - neither MSM journalists nor citizen journalists tried to find out exactly what he supported. Now, he's let us know where he stands (for now at least). From this:

Romney believes that one way to attract more minorities to the GOP is to pass immigration reform before the next election, saying the issue becomes demagogued by both parties on the campaign trail.

"We have a natural affinity with Hispanic-American voters, Asian-American voters," he said.

Passing "reform" before the election would be a great way to absolutely guarantee a Republican defeat. Even if the GOP completely screwed over their base and pushed "reform" as hard as they could, the Democrats would still get most of the credit. No matter how hard the GOP panders, the Dems will always be able to out-pander them. And, the "reform" would give even more power to those Dem-linked groups that will push for even more immigration in order to obtain even more power. The only thing that the GOP could hope for would be a backlash, but the leadership of the GOP has shown time and again that they simply don't have the brainpower to take advantage of anything like that.


Well yes! Mitt will get in line any who do not will understand real pain! Mitt needs to get in line, he is owned by our so called government. which is about to replace this population with others who know how to remove other people, like you! ask why? do you get this evil that is at your door? can you see? can you understand why its happening? I think not, sad to say.

Does this mean he is pro-amnesty now? I contributed hundreds of dollars to his campaign. Tancredo endorsed him when he dropped out. How disgusting. This is all about political correctness. Amnesty is like a weed, and its tap root is anti-white political correctness. FAIR and NumbersUSA keep snipping the weed at the surface year after year, and the weed keeps growing back. They refuse to try to dig up the tap root because they don't want to get their hands dirty. We need organizations that will explicitly represent the interests of white people and that will be willing to fight to end mass immigration on that basis. If Hispanics can have explicitly pro-Hispanic organizations fighting for amnesty, why can't there be comparable pro-white organizations fighting against amnesty? It all comes down to political correctness, and the best way to fight it is through open repudiation.

Romney understands that without the support of hispanics and by demagoguery of the immigration issue, the GOP will only remain a minority party for a very long time. Karl Rove already warned us that if we don't become a more open party we are giving the dems power in a silver plate. But the base yet still insists on scapegoating immigrants. Romney is right, hispanics and asians share many principles, but if the party keeps on bending to the conservative base, pretty soon it is gonna brake.