Antonio Villaraigosa won't run for California governor

Antonio Villaraigosa - mayor of Los Angeles, a former racial separatist leader, and a very strong supporter of illegal immigration - has just announced that he won't be running to be governor of California. Per the Los Angeles Times (a paper that's covered for him for years):

the mayor told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he wanted to devote his full attention to Los Angeles, which is facing its worst fiscal crisis in decades.

The fiscal crisis isn't all his doing, but he's certainly played a major role by supporting massive illegal immigration and various other moves. And, a recent study showed that he doesn't spend as much time each day governing as he could. Despite that, he started a new, four-year term as mayor in March.


Villar's father is a convicted sex offender. You can see him here: Enter "Antonio Villar" at the right

Yes but how do you know if it is his padre or some other sex offender with the same name? Villar is a castillan name and can be found everywhere in CA.

PB, check out this article that was in in the LA Daily News and click the "Sins of the Father" link. I found out through that there is/was an Antonio Villar about the same age as the Megan's law guy, who lives/lived in Montebello and was/is married to an Estela Villar. Estela is well known to be Villaraigosa's mother's name.

that should read "well known to be Villaraigosa's STEP-mother's name."

'he wanted to devote his full attention to Los Angeles' Translation: he paid for some polling and doesn't think he can win

Gee, why don't citizens want thwe rest of Kalifornia to be a dump like the "new L.A."?

Mexico city must have other plans for us? Maybe a "Trojan Pinata" stuffed with illegals?

the only way out is the old way.