Andrew Breitbart unintentionally exposes the right (Max Blumenthal confrontation)

The video at shows Andrew Breitbart confronting Max Blumenthal at the recent CPAC event, and Breitbart's performance has received rave reviews [1]. However, the confrontation and the response it's received shows, once again, how much of the rightwing commentariat is just a few steps up from Jerry Springer and profession wrestling:

1. First, as an indication of the low state of that commentariat, I have to point out that this isn't a defense of Blumenthal. A glance at his name's link above will show that I'm not a big fan. I have to say that due to the high number of "you're with us or you're against us" types.

2. If you actually listen to what Breitbart says, you'll note that he doesn't make a single argument; he just calls Blumenthal various names. That might be a good emotional release for him and for others, but it's not going to turn those on Blumenthal's side against him.

3. Things like this are good echo chamber fodder but, once again, they aren't going to send a message to The Nation and other sites that print Blumenthal's work. (Forcing Salon to print a correction of the related story does however send a message).

4. After Breitbart finishes his rant, one of his contributors (Larry O'Connor [update: initially misspelled]) is tagged and enters the ring. Unlike Breitbart he at least catches Blumenthal in a contradiction, playing the contradiction to the cameras. However, as a Twitter exchange showed, O'Conner isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I tried to give him advice on how not to help his opponents and he didn't get it. I'd include it and explain it here, but I think it would be best if I don't give away the store (or at least the shelves I stock) to those who aren't exactly on my side either.

5. After the match, Blumenthal stomps out and the audience begins a chant of "Hey hey bye bye", a true intellectual response.

6. In case anyone would like to do something that would actually be effective, see the question authority plan and find people who can "cross-examine" politicians about the flaws in their policies.

[1] AllahPundit links to it approvingly at
at-cpac-for-smearing-james-okeefe-as-racist and, of course, Glenn Reynolds does too (

UPDATE: Apparently it's difficult to even just glance at my site and see how I do things. I'd be more effective if more people would link to me, but apparently I'm on some sort of index situm prohibitorum somewhere.