Winner! Tea party in deep blue district draws 300 where Dem Rep. got 103,033 votes; 0.2% of all those who voted

If there's one thing the tea parties have taught us, it's that Glenn Reynolds is not a math professor. The "parties" are using a technique - street protests - that rely on sheer numbers. Yet, the numbers just aren't there: there are only so many "kulaks" [1] in the general population. Instead of working smarter and asking politicians tough questions on video, they're working mindlessly and thinking that somehow a few Randroid loons standing on a corner are going to change things.

The latest example ( is a Friday "party" in Northport on Long Island, New York that drew "more than" 300 people (link). Consider this chart of the last election results:

Gary Ackerman (Democratic)  103,033  70%

Elizabeth Berney (GOP)  40,302  28%

Jun Policarpio (Conservative)  2,870  2%

The number of those who turned out for the "party" represent just 0.2% of those who voted. Don't let Instapundit do your strategizing for you.



24 Is right, this so called protest is not really a tea party but a get-to- togethe for people who want to do something but have no idea what to do, so the tea party looks good but in fact is a joke, so ask where is Bob Basson? as far as i know he has been told to keep his ass Quiet, and if i am right savage said that would happen.