White House is "Open for Questions": wants questions for March 26 online town hall

On Thursday, March 26 2009, Barack Obama will be holding an online townhall meeting during which he'll answer the most popular user-submitted questions which they're now soliciting at whitehouse.gov/openforquestions

The questions have to be about the economy, and this is similar to what they did at change dot gov. Some questions I submitted for that are here, and the results of their previous effort are described here. These types of efforts result in the weakest questions rising to the top; see the popular voting systems summary for examples and a description of a better way to do things.

Feel free to submit my questions in my stead; for some strange reason I don't exactly feel comfortable signing up for a WhiteHouse.gov account.

Note that users can vote down off-topic questions, and their terms state, "You agree not to flag questions for any other reasons, including your disagreement with the opinions expressed. " I'm certain Obama's fans will abide by that. They also stress that kids will be viewing the questions; perhaps they're trying to weed out the questions from the Norml folks.