Washington Monthly deletes comment on post extolling "diversity of thought", openness

The Washington Monthly has a habit of deleting comments, and they're even willing to do it on entries lionizing Barack Obama for being open to a "diversity of thought". I guess some "diversities of thought" are more equal than others.

The comment was deleted from [1], which is also a good example of how much of a sycophantic hack Steve Benen is. The comment is below, but first a sample of his sycophancy:

Throughout George W. Bush's presidency, White House staffers implemented what were generally called "Bubble Boy" policies. The goal was the shield the former president from those who may have disagreed with him or might ask him questions he didn't want to answer...

In contrast, consider Obama's approach to diversity of thought. The new president traveled to an economically-depressed community that voted heavily for his opponent in November. Tickets to the event were publicly available to anyone, no loyalty oaths or Democratic fealty required. White House staffers didn't check bumper-stickers for conservative messages, and there was no "blacklist" of Republicans who would be denied entry. There were no hand-picked questions and no hand-picked questioners.

So this is what it's like to have a president with the courage of his convictions, and the confidence to talk to Americans who may disagree with him. I'd almost forgotten.

On yet another ironic note, my first attempt to post the comment was met with a notice that I wasn't allowed to post comments; as it turns out they'd blacklisted the IP address I used. Some blacklists are more equal, etc. etc.

After changing IPs, I was able to post this comment:

Good to see WaMo standing up for diversity of thought. Perhaps they can explain why they have a habit of deleting on-topic, non-abusive comments from me and others. I've have around twenty comments deleted from this site, including three in one day.

They might delete this too because it tells you more than they want you to know, or they might leave it in place. But, it's not difficult to find the comments they deleted through a search.

[1] washingtonmonthly .com/archives/individual/2009_02/016814.php


In other words people must keep in line, that is normal inside some want-to-be dehumanizing toilet dictaorship. You Know i am starting to really fell sad for our boy Obama, well maybe not!

It's not deleting comments that they're doing, it's _blocking_ comments. I.e. the content of what you say is immaterial, and they never even read your comments, let alone go to the trouble of deleting them. They've simply decided you're a troll and that everything you post will be blocked. Which is their right, and in this case a wise decision. You are a troll.

Of course liberals delete, block and censor comments they don't agree with. For them "diversity" applies to skin color, not opposing viewpoints.

You realize, don't you, that most right-wing blogs don't allow comments at all? And those that do, also block and censor comments? So which side, exactly, is it that rejects "opposing viewpoints"? You people need to get your heads out of your asses. Delete that!

The comment in question definitely appeared, because a) I saw it, and b) when I've posted links in past comments I get a few clicks before the comment is deleted. As for what others do, that's called a logical fallacy, look it up.

No, it's just a question (actually three questions). Steve complains about liberals censoring, not mentioning that conservatives do it too. Either (a) this has never occurred to him, or (b) it's not the censorship that bothers him -- it's the fact that liberals are doing it. I'm just trying to pin down which of these is the case. I suspect the latter. Conservatives don't actually believe in free speech for everyone. They worship conformity. Oh, and by the way, the fact that you even have a tag for "deleted comments" is deeply, desperately pathetic. You might as well call that tag "Pay attention to MEEEE!"

_You realize, don't you, that most right-wing blogs don't allow comments at all?_ Prove it: 1) define 'right-wing blog'; put up a comprehensive list of them; say which ones don't allow comments. And it better be more than half -- "most". You stupid fuck.

Read Liberal Facism by Jonah Goldberg.

"You stupid fuck." I concur.