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Shannon Coulter
San Francisco, CA
Co-founder of #GrabYourWallet, the movement that taps into people's consumer power to create a more respectful, inclusive world.
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.@beth_andrus @shannoncoulter: immigrants & illegal aliens commit crimes that wouldn't happen if they weren't here. That's just reality.
Facts are always problematic. MT @beth_andrus RT @shannoncoulter: I reject [Trump's] continued attempts to link immigration with crime.
RT @shannoncoulter: I reject in the strongest possible terms Donald's continued attempts to link immigration with crime. #JointAddress
.@Speshlk0510: point out to @shannoncoulter fans that she supports corrupt businesses using illegal labor to reduce wages. #GrabYourWallet
RT @johnnykdang2017: @HeidiLiFeldman @shannoncoulter @pgpug where is Trump brands sold so I can shop there?
.@ShannonCoulter: are we not allowed (by you) to question what presidents say? Or, can we only question white presidents? #GrabYourWallet
.@ShannonCoulter: on #CNN you object to Trump questioning BHO's bplace simply due to BHO's race. Have you thought this thru? #GrabYourWallet