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America, our children are counting on us! #Conservative #NoAmnesty #TermLimits #LSU #GeauxTigers #PrivatePilot
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.@pwc1011 @Angelabasso5: millions of illegal aliens are still here & 100,000s have work permits. NumbersUSA is worse than worthless. #tcot
.@pwc1011: Krikorian, Kaus, etc. know about my plan that will stop amnesty. They refuse to help. Ergo, delenda est.
.@pwc1011: it's *NumbersUSA* that's making this either-or. They could easily support my plan - I've called them about it twice. They refuse.
.@pwc1011: only the courts have stopped Obama so far, because *the people you support are worthless idiots like NumbersUSA*.
.@pwc1011: put USA before your emotional issues. Stopping amnesty is more important than my tone or that NumbersUSA makes you feel good.
.@pwc1011: @NumbersUSA has consistently failed to stop Obama on immigration: 2 amnesties (so far) + the 200 things Sen. Sessions mentioned.
.@pwc1011: that's like saying "I've been on this diet for 10 years and I'm still just 400 pounds!" Stop enabling failure.
.@pwc1011: keep sending out NUSA's FAXes, but when you want to *stop* amnesty make this happen:
.@pwc1011: nothing NumbersUSA has done has even slowed down amnesty. To be extremely blunt, this is an IQ battle. NumbersUSA loses big time.
.@pwc1011: what's your explanation why NumbersUSA has been completely unable to do their job: stopping amnesty? That's their job, right?
RT @pwc1011: .@Glaivester @chrisgeidner @24AheadDotCom we must also remove the welfare incentive and make it illegal to harbor like they do…