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Chattanooga, TN
Things I like: wine, dogs, movies, travel, craft beer, bourbon, tacos, pho, star trek, star wars, nerd stuff in general, and red lipstick. Opinions are my own.
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These refuse to answer my identical twin hypothetical: @brucelesley @JenJBissett @PittGirly @fivepromises @mkolken #DREAMAct #immigration
@JenJBissett: Community colleges across U.S. turning U.S. citizens away: #p2 #tlot #TopProg #tcot #DREAMAct: #tpp
@JenJBissett: Americans are being turned away from community college as you would give limited college slots to illegal aliens. #DREAMAct
@JenJBissett: it's a hypothetical, and you're living in a fantasy world. Let me repeat: you can only give the education to one of them. #p2
@JenJBissett: an illegal alien and his U.S. citizen identical twin apply for one (1) college slot. Who do you give it to? #DREAMAct #p2 #tpp