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Chris Hassel
Born in Iowa, living in CT
SportsCenter Anchor. Husband who makes bed. Son who texts back. Friend who will drink with you.
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.@HasselESPN: in Aug, #ESPN played ~500 #soccer games, ~0 since then. I'd think ESPN would want to make #AnnCoulter sad, not happy.
.@HasselESPN: #ESPN would pay less & might get same or better ratings for foreign soccer. Even tape delayed/local feed. Even offbrand.
.@HasselESPN: does #ESPN have an explanation why they show 2 or 3 concurrent basketball games on different channels? It can't be ratings.
.@hasselESPN: #ESPN could easily offer an alternative: foreign offbrand soccer, college hockey, LIDOM, etc. etc. Give viewers a choice.
.@hasselESPN: news is an integral part of #ESPN, but why are you playing 2 basketball games (& 3 last 2 nights)? What about other sports??