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Paul Haahr
San Francisco
Matthew & Allie’s dad, Susan’s husband, software engineer at Google, old-time liberal
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.@haahr: in the political sphere, can you direct me to you getting anything right? #Google
.@haahr: you think #Wikipedia is credible (!) despite @jimmy_wales admitting using his own rules to deceive:
.@haahr: you think @Snopes is credible, despite lying & trying to cover it up:
.@haahr: you think @Politifact is credible, despite repeatedly misleading:
.@haahr: InfoWars *is* untrustworthy. However, you think #NYT is trustworthy when they constantly lie by omission about #immigration etc.
.@haahr: you're quoted in "Google says rogue vendor violated guidelines by instructing contractors to rate InfoWars as untrustworthy site".