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God, Family & Country; Sports Fitness & Vegan; Psychotherapist, Relationship Counselor & Fixer; Fight 4 Wrongfully Incarcerated & Animals #NRA #2A #Trump
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.@AmyMek: it's surprising then that you support someone who can't figure out how to stop Obama's agenda right now (or doesn't care). #tcot
.@mlong42947 @AmyMek: Trump's mass deportations+mass legalization plan means *more* immigration than if he supported attrition. #Trump2016
Us against 1.6 billion! MT @Barbara531 RT @AmyMek: To tolerate Islam is 2 tolerate rape, child marriage, sex slavery, slavery, racism [etc]
.@jensen1230: can you name anyone in Congress now (or who'd be elected) who'd support the @AmyMek plan to #BanISLAM? #Trump2016 #tcot #gop
RT @AmyMek: Priceless! Thank you @realDonaldTrump - don't waste your time on Terrorists! #BanISLAM #Trump2016
.@AmyMek: I saw your 10 Reasons I Voted Dem. What's your realistic action plan to keep illegal aliens from unjustly getting SS?
.@AmyMek: Obama isn't going to do what Mia Love wants: he does what he wants. If you want to help her stop amnesty, ask me how.
.@AmyMek: best way to help Ernst win is to ask Braley a *tough* anti-amnesty question: You can make that happen.