Mackey resigns as Whole Foods CEO: The cause? Not @WholeBoycott but Ariadne Huffanan:
Michael Bloomberg promotes mass immigration on @MeetThePress, Deval Patrick cheers, "journalists" say nothing:
I've divided my almost 10,000 posts into general categories: Example: lists of immigration groups, politicians...
Maybe if Janet Napolitano had spent less time promoting amnesty she'd have had more time to keep terrorists off planes. #detroit
My extensive, multi-year coverage of Janet Napolitano (82 posts since 2003): #Detroit
Video of Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security saying "the system worked":
Hey #sgp & #glennbeck: my review of the new book The Wit and Wisdom of #Teaparty is here:
Video of contortionists The Ross Sisters: Odd to see in a 1944 MGM film; if only they'd had R back then.
It took a year + a failed terror attack for @JonahNRO to realize that Janet Napolitano isn't qualified: Good job.
This week's #TeaParty Challenge: "If something would hurt the U.S. but help Koch Industries, how do you best hide your support for it?" #sgp
Rarely read @DailyDish, see now he's got "of no party or clique" in header, still obsessing over #Palin baby. Hilarious, sad, & needs help.
Darwin, AU: "Idiots swim into baited croc trap": Bikini gals: Is #teaparty dumber? Yes
3 of 3: Plus, it's anti- and un-American to refer to millions of fellow citizens as "moochers" etc. Randroids should go Galt in Somalia.
2 of 2: that would result in the rise of a leader far worse than BHO, someone who'd push full-on socialism. #sgp
1 of 2: Irony: Randroid loon rails against "mindlessness" @BigGovernment. 99% oppose #libertarian; objectivism would have to be imposed...
After #Christmas: NE L.A. Target and mall mostly empty. Meanwhile, Amazon's outlet is having year-end sale: (aff)
Coventry Carol - Westminster Cathedral Choir: #Christmas
Gloucester Cathedral Choir - In the Bleak Midwinter: #Christmas
St Paul's Cathedral Choir 1997 Christmas Concert: Hark the Herald Angels Sing #Christmas
Vienna Boys Choir video - Little Drummer Boy: #Christmas
Hallelujah, by Händel #Christmas
Adeste Fideles at Christmas Midnight Mass in France (organ and choir) video: #Christmas
#Christmas music video I made several years ago with homeless singing Jingle Bells: Yeah, it's stupid.
85% of Russian pensioners "deeply regret" demise of USSR. #libertarian #teaparty #sgp #tcot should tell us why they're wrong, or something.
@EFF: Someone claims an H1B body shop got a court order to shut down his anti-H1B sites: Haven't looked into it.
The only good video @PJTV has ever done, 31:49 of a Yule log: More trad scene: #Christmas
#libertarian and #teaparty have the answer to 60% of Russians nostalgic for Communism: re-education centers stocked with Randroids.
"In exshelsis deo"? Now the boy band is approaching center stage... #50LACHC
Shock capitalism imposed on Russia didn't serve our or their interests; 60% quite nostalgic for Communism:
Playboy's Model of the Year 2006 convicted of swirlie-related assault:
Ariadne Huffanan: forget the Mao ornaments, why does the White House have a #Christmas tree in the first place? (j/k)
#teaparty group says U.S. government is not legitimate, plans 1/20/10 march on DC: #sgp #glennbeck #tcot #tlot #p2
@amthinker edits comment to remove plan that could help @WendiLynnG w/ her issues: #teaparty #tcot #sgp #glennbeck
George Bush "Ideas in Action": making a pledge to the Mexican government to push an amnesty most in U.S. opposed:
George Bush "Ideas in Action" include moving New Orleans residents out so illegal aliens could take the jobs they could & should have done.
@SarahPalinUSA 2 of 2: They'd ask stupid questions anyway. But, the fact that #Palin couldn't turn stupid questions against them = not good.
1 of 2: Anti-#Palin bloggers kept out of her event: She's private citizen, and was private event. Plus...
2 of 2: Sounds balanced, in establishment way. Don't expect, say, CIS to be invited to discuss immigration.
1 of 2: Some PBS stations will run "Ideas in Action" from George W. Bush Institute, hosted by James Glassman. Leftists outraged!
Hysterical #teaparty screed: (12/23/09 #3902 version). Wendi needs counseling, brain. #sgp #glennbeck
How to block #healthcare the smart and effective way: #teaparty #sgp #glennbeck #tcot #tlot
@buildabear "We did not intend to politicize the topic of global climate change". Hilarious CYA. Globalist scum: links auto-flood #twitter as users upload, fave videos. If you don't want to give Google even more power, use my
Trouble in paradise: LGBT activists not happy about Gutierrez amnesty excluding their provisions:
Why does a human (not a spider) from Google arrive at my site w/ searches like "" and " 006192"? Odd.
Global warming indoctrination vid from I knew Santa had an agenda! (+Mrs. Claus quite spry)
♫ #FinnBabe Karoliina Kantelinen with "Ellös huolta huomisesta": #MusicMonday Quite good, although YMMV.
♫ French pop starlet Alizee lip syncs worthless pop songs, but for some reason I just don't care: #MusicMonday
Even #MegaHack @Allahpundit realizes #SuperMegaHack @SCrowder isn't being intellectually honest about Detroit:
Tim Pawlenty misleads on immigration w/ deportations false choice: Knowledgable need to press him on that.
2 of 2: #GlennBeck #teaparty #sgp not smart enough to show how MMFA wrong. (Hint: Just 1600 hits for "Jeremy Holden" "media matters". Easy!)
1 of 2: @MMfA names #GlennBeck "Misinformer of Year": I don't have time to show how @jeraholden is wrong, and...
♫ 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant w/ Trouble Me: (British TV version) #MusicMonday
♫ Romanian #Christmas carol Domn Domn sa-naltam: #MusicMonday
Norwegians have nothing to do; watch 7 hour doc w/ POV of train ride xcountry, then d/l 22GB file: #bergensbanen
Two great tastes that belong together: We Are Change interviews Blago about Bank of America:
Noxious racial bean-counting from @lwmunoz of the @AssociatedPress: Does Obama admin have a problem w/ white men?
"Nancy Luft, Jr." comments on Lou Dobbs' "mind control Disinformation" at #SputnikMindControlRays
@Maddow lies again, this time about JBS: More examples of her misleading her viewers:
#LeekspinLundi continues with this webcam version, complete with accessory: #MusicMonday
Bombarde! Breton-style Trio er Bag: #MusicMonday
Dude in tank top + tattoo + Adeste Fideles on organ = not that bad: #Christmas #MusicMonday
Another day, another delusional #teaparty screed: Incompenent TP leaders failed at #Hoffman & #healthcare. #sgp
Some #Christmas organ music that's somewhat NSFW or much anywhere else: #MusicMonday
#Libertarian loser Peter Schiff supports mass immigration, seems not to know what a sanctuary city is: #teaparty
Most nonsensical @PJTV article yet? No, because that's like infinity minus one.
#Healthcare bill has $100 million for a "mystery hospital": Smarter leaders could've blocked UHC. #teaparty #sgp
#CNNRealReporting on @Politifact "Lie of Year": @CNN doesn't note that PFact misled:
#teaparty not smart enough to realize that over-hyping, lying, tantrums, not thinking, etc. etc. helps Obama and Dems. #glennbeck #sgp #doh
Watch later: Peter Schiff on immigration: Gary Johnson ditto:
In retrospect, maybe the #teaparty plan to call the 300+ million Americans who disagree with them Marxist traitors wasn't such a good idea.
2 of 2: Instead, #teaparty and #GOP leaders just encouraged tantrums, non-intellectual non-arguments that didn't work. #glennbeck #sgp
1 of 2: #healthcare could've been blocked / modified with my techniques; discrediting UHC supporters on video would've been very effective.
Wasn't @PJTV going to "send the MSM down the river" (per their ad; no, really). So, why do they only ask weak, MSM-style questions? #Hmmm...
Alan Grayson wants a critic imprisoned over extra-trivial matter: He's an a-h, but much smarter than his critics.
Unprepared Roger Simon @PJTV asks Charlie Rangel ineffective question: See the tweet where I pre-mocked RS' trip.
60 angry calls, emails all it took for Canadian hospital to cancel Sarah #Palin at fundraiser: Use it against 'em
Promoting new movie, Matt Damon discusses immigration: Will watch, break out into hysterical laughter over later.
Obama sending "customized" "Holiday" greetings based on first names: The best I could do; the others were blocked
On Monday, RNC press conference to oppose #healthcare features Michael Steele and... DC lobbyist, #teaparty string-puller Dick Armey. #sgp
Army recruits skilled non-immigrants (asylees, refugees, temp visas, etc.), fast-tracks for citizenship:
Corruption starts at the top and works its way downward:
Serious dirt on Rand Paul spoksmn: I hope Dick Armey's PAC will still donate $. #libertarian #teaparty #sgp #tcot
"Look: 'Harrison' is a middle name I use... I never heard of him before opening my Ford dealership... That? It's from my ad. A 'Wookie'?" Al Gore, Harry Smith "share a moment". Wow.
Logical fallacy from Kochtopus' @AFPhq; @AndrewBreitbart, Drudge help: (guilt by association)
Only 25% of young Hispanics identify selves as American first + Pew Hispanic head sounds like Samuel Huntington:
Not entirely sold on this article's claims that we'd face wave of bogus "asylum seekers" a la UK: But...
Illegal alien nanny employer, Prop200 opponent, & McCain lackey Grant Woods files FEC complaint re: JD Hayworth:
Among major #teaparty issues are: not having the numbers; 99% of U.S. rejects #libertarian; other side is much smarter; being delusional.
Delusional #TeaParty Nation email: "For every call a member of Moveon or Organizing for America makes, we should make 10!" #sgp #glennbeck
Anyone know any improv comics? I need some for a website I'm putting together. Here's the ad: #comedy #improv
Luis Gutierrez trolls for dumber @HuffingtonPost readers: Note: he was born in Chicago, he's not an immigrant.
Corporate tools @CFACT not smart enough to show how they think Greenpeace is wrong, resort to cheap stunt:
Guess: #teaparty 10 times more likely to fall for 419 schemes than others. #glennbeck #sgp
Very confused, incoherent @HuffingtonPost loon goes after "socialist" Bill O'Reilly for supporting sovereignty:
PDF download of Gutierrez' amnesty bill is here: I might scan it later.
Why is @EdMorrissey promoting a skilled immigration edge case, and will @HotAirBlog take a fall on amnesty?
Hubris + DIY joke kit = Michael Moore calling for a boycott of state of Connecticut:
3 of 3: Give them a guest worker program, and they'll support amnesty. So: help discredit Armey, #teaparty leaders, Flake, Pence, etc. #sgp