.@BradEssex: one way (of many) @JazzShaw let down amnesty opponents: Urge him to use his access to help the USA.
.@DuchessSandrena: amnesty fans make candidates worse, but Krikorian/Coulter/Kaus/NUSA can't even conceive of making them better. #teaparty
.@DuchessSandrena: no, that wouldn't change because there will never be a "right candidate". We need to make real candidates better.
.@EspuelasVox: @MarkSKrikorian is a paper tiger. If you really want to undercut him, let #Teaparty know about
I was spending more at eNameCo than I was at NameBargain, but it was simple & w/o problem. Then, they sold out to Dotster. #DomainNames
.@gabrieldmay: Kaus makes good points sometimes. The problem is that he's refused to help with plans that would have stopped amnesty.
.@TheJimHughes: I didn't see your reply to my March question. Why didn't #Teaparty stop either of Obama's very stoppable amnesties?
.@mcintyremike: FYI, @KausMickey is just an entertainer. There are things he could have done that would have stopped amnesty, but he refused
.@mzagorski: FYI, I tried to get @Red__Rover to help make Trump more effective. She refused. P.S. I used to post to Malkin's immig. blog.
Selfies of Meth --> @Red__Rover #SelfiesOfMeth #selfies
.@doctorvaughan: when you realize that #SB128 has to be stopped as a concept, shame @NoSuicideCA into using
.@doctorvaughan: #SB128 had to be stopped as a *concept*, so that supporting things like that was as toxic as supporting sweatshops for kids
.@doctorvaughan: @NoSuicideCA might be able to skim off millions if they're selected to oppose #SB128 when it comes back as an initiative.
.@doctorvaughan: when #SB128 comes back as an initiative, it will be very costly to oppose. That's great for lobbyist co's like @NoSuicideCA
.@doctorvaughan: under the circumstances, #SB128 being withdrawn is a *bad* thing. That means it will come back in a more dangerous form.
RT @Red__Rover Ok have it your way then. I'll just block you. Bye! // I might have met one (1) #Teaparty type that isn't mentally ill. #tcot
.@KeithOlbermann: take your Freedom Fries and move to France24, you commie liberal trotskyite traitor! #teaparty #tcot #gop
That's foul. Why does replay technology have to have all the clarity of the Zapruder film?
.@doctorvaughan: that supposed-opposition refuses to use even tho it would stop #SB128 as a bill/referendum/concept
.@doctorvaughan: if you're smart enough to be a doctor, you should be smart enough to realize how incompetent the major #SB128 opposition is
.@doctorvaughan: if #SB128 fails as a bill, it will come back as a referendum. Those take *millions upon millions of dollars* to stop.
♫ I want to re-direct with me doing a C F N M thing. #NowPlaying @AlexNowrasteh #Burbank #tcot #teaparty #ows
.@adaptanita @CrousePacker: you already know the only way to stop #SB128 as a *concept*: Make @TimRosales do that.
.@adaptanita @CrousePacker: unless getting Catholic Church to spend *millions* on ads is what you want, then stop #SB128 as a concept *now*.
.@adaptanita @CrousePacker: if #SB128 fails as a bill, it will come back as a referendum (backed by Soros money). Very difficult to stop.
.@PhillipLaird: but, if you want to stop amnesty instead, then you should learn from e.g. Put your pride aside.
.@PhillipLaird: you're welcome to keep on helping amnesty fans. Maybe even sign up for OFA, ACLU, NCLR, whatever you want to do.
.@Homsher_PhD: OK. First, let me ask you this: if politicians saw supporting amnesty as a "career limiting move", what would they do?
"The answer to speech you don’t like is more speech" only works if your opponents & target audience are rational. That excludes #teaparty.
I think it's just great that intensely stupid, irrational, rabid Dunning Kruger sufferers not only have a voice, they can drown out others.
.@HoagTammy: Trump lied when he implied most illegal aliens are rapists etc. Do @JoeTheMailman & @PhillipLaird think lying is conservative?
When Trump continues to back down from his comments, his fans will abandon him but won't have the balls to admit he was wrong.
Trump fans are like the @ampowerblog case. He hyped #Murrieta, which *helped* amnesty fans. He doesn't have balls to admit he was wrong.
.@Red__Rover: I'm not "trolling" you. What do you think I want you to do? What do I want your help doing?
RT Red__Rover Stop trolling me. Thanks. 24AheadDotCom_ PatDollard
Is there #Teaparty stupid in my replies? Why, yes, there is #Teaparty stupid in my replies.
I shouldn't say Wayne Johnson Agency is incompetent: they're very competent at keeping #SB128 alive to keep bringing in money. #CA #CAGOP
Only way to truly stop #SB128 is to show its supporters wrong. Leading bill opponents are too incompetent or corrupt to do that. #CA #CAGOP
#SB128 could come back. If it doesn't, it will come back as a referendum. If so, its opponents will have to spend *millions* to defeat it.
.@compandchoices PR: #SB128 "is still alive and well, even though we weren’t ready for it to be heard before the Assembly Health Committee".
.@msmorgansmith: what's the scuttlebutt down at the Fast Food Spokesmodels union hall?
"Is the Actress in the Wendy's Commercials a Real Redhead?" Since that's in Parade, will we ever know the truth? #wendys
"Only the albino lobster, one in 100 million, is rarer than the split-colored lobster, according to the institute." #LobsterFact #LFOTD
"According to research by the Lobster Institute, the chances of finding a split colored lobster is one in 50 million." #LobsterFact #LFOTD
.@sallykohn - someone who's even dimmer than most r/w pundits - takes potshots at Trump. #idiocracy #immigration #teaparty #tcot #gop
Old Oxford Union anti-Marine Le Pen event organizer: "We will demonstrate to argue that fascists should never be allowed a platform". #irony
♫ Sudden, unexpected Swedish folk w/ Emma Hardelin: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue
.@katomart: if you want to do things right, start by asking Shapiro why he won't help with that plan.
.@katomart: no one's doing it right. I'm *trying* to do it right using But, I need @BenShapiro etc. to help with that
.@JoeTheMailman @PhillipLaird: don't you think I've seen all this before? Don't you think I know that ACLU/NCLR/CAP *need" those like Trump?
.@JoeTheMailman @PhillipLaird: I've posted 1000s of #immigration posts since 2002 & I used to contribute to Malkin's i blog. What about you?
.@Red__Rover: re @PatDollard, ask him why he refuses to help with this smart anti-amnesty plan:
.@Red__Rover: you're welcome not to agree about Trump, except - unlike sports - I have a 100% correct prediction rate. #immigration
.@kckshrugged: in April, I sent you about how fake @RoyBeck_NUSA is. Enabling him only *in effect* helps Obama.
.@mng2mala: @JonFeere 's org refuses to help with the smartest, most effective plan to stop amnesty. CIS isn't on our side. #tcot #teaparty
.@arrowsmithwoman @kckshrugged: how to do things the right way: Trump does it the wrong way. #tcot
.@thomasa56: there are realistic ways to get Hillary to back off amnesty. Kaus/Krikorian/Coulter/etc. refuse to use them. Plz don't be duped
.@Ronin1809: Kaus needn't fear. He could have helped stop amnesty but he wimped out instead.
.@FaithsFreedoms: if Kaus wasn't completely fake, he could have helped greatly reduce illegal immigration, no double fence needed. #tcot
.@fazwiesenfeld: @KLSouth & @MarkSKrikorian are both just charlatans. See for the scoop on the second. #teaparty
.@CharlesPewitt: Coulter is fake. Her only goal is to sell books. She could have helped stop amnesty if she'd wanted.
.@Homsher_PhD: sad to see a PhD fall for Coulter's act. Her only goal is to sell books. She could have helped stop amnesty if she'd wanted.
MT @BobbieDooley As in "go eat a b****** of dicks." Wait, I meant the other way. Steve @SDLandscapes please edit this tweek. Thanks so much!
.@XxJonBradburnxX: Trump *helps* amnesty supporters. As for @AnnCoulter, she refuses to use a smart plan that would *stop* amnesty. #tcot
.@XxJonBradburnxX: I've written 1000s of posts about #immigration since 2002 & I contributed to Malkin's immigration blog. Trump is wrong.
.@katomart: everything #immigration-related that @benshapiro complains about is something he could have helped stop but refused. #teaparty
.@marcydw1 @bloodless_coup: if anti-amnesty leaders were doing things in smart, effective ways that wouldn't happen. Realize & resolve.
How long until Obama gives a #BBHMM shoutout? Due to incompetence & anti-Americanism of #Teaparty #tcot #GOP he can get away with anything.
If there were an opposition *even worse* at stopping amnesty than #Teaparty & #tcot, we'd be living in Mexico del Norte right now.
2010: "Will teaparty and rightwing bloggers stumble us into amnesty?": Donald Trump proves me right. #tcot #gop
.@Red__Rover: when Trump opens his mouth, he *helps* NCLR/ACLU/Obama. And, @PatDollard refuses to help w/ a smart anti-amnesty plan.
In their defense, 128 opponents have just been stupid disrespectful aholes. Not *shockingly* stupid disrespectful aholes like #teaparty.
.@DrBoggeln: here's a very smart way to stop bills like #SB128: Will you help make that happen?
.@kenjbarnes1: there are sure things WJA could do to stop #SB128 but won't due to business concerns. Are you also conflicted, Ken?
.@kenjbarnes1: hey Ken, a rep from the company you work for (Wayne Johnson Agency) admitted to me WJA is conflicted about stopping #SB128.
.@megagerdes: when did you serve in the Kentucky Navy?
.@patrickmadrid: here's a very smart way to stop bills like #SB128: Will you help make that happen?
.@glad2betex: this is the smart, sure way to stop #SB128: Want to stop it? Urge leaders to support that plan.
How dumb & corrupt is @TimRosales & Wayne Johnson Agency? They can't trounce something its *supporters* call "assisted death". #SB128 #tcot
.@StJohnBaptistBP: what do you think of this plan as a way to stop #SB128: ?
.@LAVocations: what do you think is the underlying reason that most other #SB128 opponents would in effect help the bill?
.@LAVocations: instead of embracing my smart ideas & using them to defeat #SB128, leading opponents have given me the cold shoulder or worse
.@LAVocations: before I started to oppose #SB128, I tweeted I'd thought I'd find smarter, saner, more committed people than other campaigns.
Handy translation guide: "?" usually means "can you stop drooling all over yourself long enough to do things the smart way?"
.@RadiateLA: please tell me why supposed #SB128 opponents refuse to use my very effective, ethical, & smart plan to stop it. Why is that?
.@2ndThoughtsMA: best way to stop #SB128 is to discredit its supporters using I'd like to hear your thoughts.
After I educate #Teaparty, I'm going to turn to easier tasks like irrigating the Sahara. #idiocracy #DunningKruger #immigration #ows #tcot
.@Kay15Judy @PhillipLaird @JoeTheMailman: Trump's isn't an "honest conversation". It's dishonest & it helps amnesty supporters. #teaparty
♫ thought experiment! What would have to happen for her to cover #BBHMM: ? #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #tcot #ows
.@youthgirlpower: that question answers itself. That happens because leading amnesty opponents do things the wrong way. @Bloviate_Barbie
Trump not only helped Jeb, Mitt, etc., now he helps the AP. #WrongWayDerpigan #derp #immigration #tcot #teaparty #gop
AP is lying, trying to make ppl think Trump's comments were even dumber than they were. His fans can't do anything. #tcot #teaparty #gop
AP: "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stood firm Monday on his description of Mexican immigrants as criminals." #idiocracy
.@cinatyte: what do you think of DesaBand's immigration song?
.@skornhaber: shouldn't you know Rihanna's vid is just a ripoff of another artist?
.@radiorob123: @desaband #immigration song lies to their listeners by taking Arpaio out of context. They're on WalMart's side of the issue.
In #Sweden, the only sport is #Kulning, so they were quite interested. #tcot #ows #uniteblue #teaparty #COMMUNISM
I've introduced Swedes - actual, "I'm from Sweden, dontcha know youbetcha" Swedes - to baseball. #tcot #ows #uniteblue #teaparty #COMMUNISM
.@leahlipkowitz: if you want to *help* Trump & the U.S., campaign to get him to repeat instead.