.@silkride: this isn't about liking or disliking Coulter. It's about using her to acheive a goal that will help her and USA.
.@mcqando: what's your battle plan to stop/change Obama's amnesty? If you don't have one, will you help make happen?
We can still stop or modify Obama's amnesty. Do this simple thing a few minutes a day: #NoAmnesty #tcot #teaparty
.@jraber11: would you like to move beyond t-shirts & do a public service to help lower-skilled Americans? You'll help & get a viral vid.
RT jraber11 When she says she's diggin it she's really tellin ya she's $$gold diggin$$
His show's been off for 2 years but still: #BreakingAmish
RT Carydc Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill…: [link] this is a must watch video. Ties in to committee of three hundred
RT Carydc should Obama bee impeached! & removed from office?
♬ Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Back O' The Moon: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue
.@SpreadButter: conservatives could have easily stopped Obama's amnesty using but didn't? Wouldn't liberals have?
Two #Tennessee lawmakers want #TN to sue over Obama's amnesty: Whatever, but there are easier ways. #tcot #sgp #gop
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.@tdiemer @PolitiBunny: it's within your power to stop or modify amnesty, if you do some work. Make happen now. #tcot
.@SpreadButter: in mid-Oct, I told @WashingtonDCTea how to block amnesty the smart & realistic way, didn't hear back. That's why Obama wins.
.@mmmoonie: @jennybethm took $$ to make a movie that didn't stop amnesty. So far she refuses to use Don't be fooled.
After a video stops, Youtube goes to next vid, plays a few seconds, goes to next, etc. And I'm not in a playlist #idiocracy #tcot #ows #derp
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.@Lambjrstephen @kirkrisinger: we coulda stopped amnesty w/ To make that happen, do Will you?
.@RedNationRising: hey Red, I need your help to stop amnesty right now. If you make happen we'll do it. Will you?
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.@BattleSwarmBlog: refresh my memory. What was the Mickey Kaus battle plan to stop Obama's amnesty?
.@dropoutnation: Obama's action shows weakness of the Conservative Entertainment Complex: @KausMickey on up. They can't beat the Raiders.
.@Ryanexpress77: if you'd done what I suggested on 10/31/14, 7/31/14, 7/24/13, etc. you'd be celebrating rather than complaining. Learn plz.
.@suhrmesa: I & others urged Ann Coulter to stop amnesty using She refused & had no better plan to stop amnesty #RINO
MT @gamma_ray239 AnnCoulter thanks dear for your undeniable fight to save this country// She could have stopped amnesty but did nothing.
.@JewRussophile: @AnnCoulter barely lifted a palets to stop amnesty. She could have stopped it with but refused. #sgp
Practically everything about modern conservativism involves entertaining people so they'll send money. Explains why Obama wins. #tcot #sgp
"Bernie Sanders Has A Devastating Message For the #Teaparty Anti-Godless Commie Heathen Bukharinite Socialist League". They'll surely listen
.@fox8111ROLLTIDE @MediaMan2009: here's how to make Dem Reps tell Obama to back off on amnesty: Will you help?
.@fox8111ROLLTIDE @MediaMan2009: you do realize Obama could care less what Dr. Ben Carson says, right? Obama *will* listen to Dem Reps.
.@gf_layne: what do you think about the USChamber's campaign to lower wages? Is that something you oppose?
"Dedication begins at 14 hours [per day]" - Cisco co-founder. Except I've got to do a little client business over weekend. #NoAmnesty
.@Lana: curious to know what you think about efforts by USChamber, WalMart, and McDonald's to drive down wages. Do you oppose that?
.@Nick_Offerman: as the "sheet metal factory" guy, can I enlist your help in a campaign partly against child labor?
.@AlanTonelson: maybe I missed it. Did NumbersUSA/Krikorian/Kaus/etc stop amnesty, or did they just let it happen? #tcot #teaparty #sgp
.@AlanTonelson: me 10/28 to you: "NUSA/Krikorian/Kaus/etc are paper tigers compare their weak (or no) plans to ".
RT .@Glaivester .@24AheadDotCom_ Uh - @LosFelizDayCare is a parody site. // So I see.
.@FiercelyRight: so then you've got something on her. Demand she demo her conservative bona fides: demand she back the #StopAmnestyChallenge
.@silkride: you RT'ed Just letting you know Coulter & Kaus are paper tigers. #tcot
.@CounterJihad @jstines3: r/w (rightwing) could have easily stopped amnesty using They failed themselves & USA.
Both #Teaparty & #OWS have the "Let's Put On A Show!" gene. First inclination is street protests, dressing up, etc. #NTTAWWT #tcot #tlot
This "Memphis style" BBQ sauce is made in #Canada. Can't think of anything more communist than that. #tcot #teaparty
.@RobHoey: you're protesting amnesty at the WH on Dec 3. In the meantime, can you make happen? Call in Plan B.
.@conor64: on "Obama's Immigration Order: The Right Thing in the Wrong Way" I asked you to answer Got an ETA?
.@AmyRidenour: black activists "spoke out" against amnesty before. No impact. They have to confront pro-amnesty fans on video w/ questions.
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.@NObamaChat @coff33loveit: you could have helped stop Obama's amnesty using It's never too late to *do* something.
.@LosFelizDayCare: why don't you hire Americans, you unpatriotic SWPL? #ImmigrationAction #teaparty #tcot #LosAngeles
RT @LosFelizDayCare Thanks to our friend, President Obama, Dunkin's nanny, Bluth's au pair & Dijon's female adult other don't have to worry.
.@Txwench: in Sep I asked you to help have amnesty fans asked a tough question. If they had been, we wouldn't have amnesty. @guntotinchick
.@corrcomm @redsteeze @JaredontheRight: it's not like anti-amnesty leaders (Coulter, Malkin, etc.) lifted a finger to stop amnesty, is it?
Conservatives can't even overcome idiotic talking points Obama fans use like arguing over precedent or "at least Obama has a plan" etc #tcot
.@chuckwoolery: all other plans to stop amnesty failed. I'm asking again if you'll please help the only plan that will work. See that link.
.@iadoreem: if @chuckwoolery had supported as I asked, he could have stopped amnesty. I realize he mighta missed it.
.@AmPowerBlog: in July you pushed Murrieta protests. I told you they wouldn't stop illegal immigration/amnesty. When will you learn, Don?
.@JordanSekulow: this is the smart, lawyerly way to stop amnesty: Everything else failed. Will you make that happen?
.@ReturnToTheUSA @DanielJPollack: we could have stopped amnesty using There's still time to do that. Will you?
A #Jeopardy contestant I *think* might be willing to stick up for American workers is Maria Wenglinsky. Not on Twitter, unlike Jennings etc.
MT @SVB_Financial Our thoughts on #immigration reform [...]// Let me guess. #ImmigrationAction #tcot #uniteblue #occupy #ows #osf #oo
That makes the complete failure of conservatives to stop amnesty even more shocking. They're exploring new terrority at the curve's far left
Some liberals support #ImmigrationAction because they're duped by Obama, some to payback #GOP, etc. Few actually want it as policy. #ows #p2
You're going to have to search hard to find non-far-left liberals who consciously support #immigration reform. #ows #uniteblue #tcot #sgp
.@RWSurferGirl: show liberal useful idiots they're helping Big Biz lower wages. Will you make happen to do that?
.@RWSurferGirl: most liberals who support #ImmigrationAction are just useful idiots. Main drivers are ethnic nationalists & Big Business.
.@CounterJihad @jstines3: *right now*, the thing to do is to change amnesty using *Just try it*. No downside.
.@CounterJihad @jstines3: Obama wouldn't have been elected twice if r/w weren't pathological. KC losing to Raiders is very bad sign for *KC*
♬ Garmarna - Euchari: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #SwedishTakeMeAway #Sweden #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue
Compare StackOverflow to politics: ppl post tech problems, only *actual realistic solutions* get upvoted. No whining or posturing. #tcot
.@jstines3: to do something about amnesty, you must pressure r/w leaders into representing your interests: #tcot
.@jstines3: Obama got his way because the opposition to him is so incredibly weak. If his opposition was strong he wouldn't have done it.
.@_CFJ_ @Live_Free_orDie: Obama wouldn't have gotten his amnesty if those like Kaus & Coulter had helped with #tcot
.@prelives51: Kaus & Coulter could have stopped amnesty using They refused, & as a result Obama got his way. #tcot
.@marinobuzz13: Ann Coulter could have easily stopped amnesty but she barely lifted a finger. Demand she *does* things, not just talks.
.@Edsall: no it isn't. @KausMickey barely lifted a finger to stop amnesty. He live tweets the USA being mugged but won't try to stop it.
.@marylene58: Kaus & Coulter could have stopped amnesty but didn't lift a finger. How did they serve your interests? #tcot #teaparty
.@davidfrum: 3rd try. You could have stopped amnesty if you'd made happen. Why didn't you?
.@AlanTonelson: remember our 10/28 chat? If those you defended had taken action, would Obama have gone forward with his amnesty? #teaparty
.@10Mountaineer: you should be angry at Kaus & York. Both are paper tigers that didn't work to stop amnesty. How'd they help you? #teaparty
.@Crunched4time: search for 24AheadDotCom_ PaulHarrisShow. Make discrediting him to his audience a campaign.
.@SueAikens: would you be interested in doing a great public service and helping support the interests of lower-wage American workers?
.@MarkEbner59: hey Mark, do you agree with the premise of ? Does that make sense to you? (PaulHarrisShow)
.@KatyinIndy: could you spell out for me how exactly KausMickey helped stop Obama's amnesty?
.@Nikka_777: Kaus & Coulter did absolutely nothing to stop amnesty. They live tweet USA being mugged, but won't stop it. #tcot #teaparty
.@silkride: Coulter & Kaus could have easily stopped amnesty, but neither lifted a finger. Plz demand they actually serve your interests.
Losing to the #Raiders isn't so bad. The loss conservatives delivered to the U.S. by failing to stop Obama's amnesty is much worse. #tcot
Historic Spoiler Alert: "Raiders snap 16-game skid with 24-20 win vs. KC".
.@nsaidian: Kaus & Coulter could have easily stopped amnesty. They're part of the problem. Plz demand they solve problems, not assist them.
.@KSTAR102TALK @slone: Kaus is just an entertainer. He could have stopped amnesty, but he did absolutely nothing. Demand better. #teaparty
.@FiercelyRight: point out to AnnCoulter fans that she refused to help this plan that would have stopped amnesty.:
.@alabamafan2: AnnCoulter didn't help stop amnesty. Please demand more of entertainers like her: demand they stop things not just talk. #sgp
.@tsalagikid @Vets4Liberty: plz stop blindly following those like AnnCoulter & Malkin. *Demand* they do smart things to get your support.
.@tsalagikid @Vets4Liberty: AnnCoulter barely lifted a finger to stop amnesty; she refused to help with #tcot #sgp
Now, as #LAWeekly editor, Jill Stewart isn't the Jill of old. Things change when you're holding on to the only job you can get. #LosAngeles
Years ago, Jill Stewart was as close as #LosAngeles will get to an Ann Coulter. She supported interrnal migration rather than illegal aliens
.@jillstewart: why didn't @dennisjromero reveal that Hinojosa had/has a financial interest in illegal immigration? Is that journalism?
.@dennisjromero: does Hinojosa have a financial interest in illegal immigration that you decided not to reveal to your readers? #LAWeekly
.@yidwithlid: the lid-like thing is to back as I asked 6 days ago. Will you help me *stop* Obama's amnesty right now?
.@IrishTea1: while you're waiting for Congress to do something, can you spend a few minutes on ?
.@mharvey816: if you worked at WalMart, Obama's amnesty means increased competition for your job & lower wages. Jennings helps WalMart Inc.
I miss the old, working-class left. They'd never put up with fuckheads like Ken Jennings. #jeopardy #immigration #NoAmnesty #ows #uniteblue