.@Parrish_Miller: there are libertarian or at least anarchist compounds in Somalia, no?
"If anything, Somalia suffers from a legacy of too much government.": Libertarians are very special people. #tcot
.@DrewMTips: I thank you for proving me right: You *help* Knoller, I oppose him
RT DrewMTips do you understand I don't give a shit what you think about what I tweet? // If he wanted to oppose the MSM, he would. #tcot
Arkona - "In My Land" (English): #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
.@MarkSKrikorian / Kaus/Coulter/NumbersUSA are incapable of understanding something so simple. Even Palin can't see them on the bell curve.
Obama & Dem leaders have & will safely ignore Powerline/Sessions: they'll oppose anything the Dems do. They have no power over Obama/Dems.
To stop Obama's amnesty, you have to undercut Obama/Dems *to their base*. Powerline/Sessions opposing Obama is meaningless: they don't count
MarkSKrikorian is dumb enough to think those who could sway Obama GAFF what Powerline writes about what Jeff Sessions says. #idiocracy
MT MarkSKrikorian RT kausmickey: Sen. Sessions statement on Zuckerberg is very effective [Powerline link] Will you hear it on Fox?
.@erotao @politiclife: I missed that. Whose argument specifically did Coulter "destroy"?
.@DHallNole: the US is only "doomed" as long as ppl look to charlatans/entertainers like Coulter to save them. Demand she *does* something.
.@Lana_Jordan: Kaus & Krikorian have no intention of actually stopping amnesty. Opposing amnesty - but not stopping it - keeps them employed
.@yolandamorin: bonjour. Que pensez vous de my platform?
This is the type of crap that the #Teaparty / #tcot / Twitcy / #idiocracy axis is incapable of opposing:
.@conservativelez: I'm curious to know whether you understand that Kaus/Krikorian/Coulter have no real intention of stopping amnesty or not.
.@pjamericanpatri: whatever brings in the $ucker$. Krikorian could have helped stopped amnesty, but he explicitly refused to do it.
.@Q1776: @MarkSKrikorian needn't worry: he's a false opposition to amnesty: Please don't be fooled.
.@arrowsmithwoman: Krikorian has no intention of helping stop amnesty: *Not* stopping it is his business model.
.@Jdschul: for months I've been trying to get Dollard to help with a plan that's guaranteed to stop amnesty. He prefers being a blowhard.
.@GuntherRandall: immigration stance of @meeshellchen helps bosses exploit workers. Ask me if that's not clear.
.@teriobrien: Kaus is a false opposition: he'd legalize millions of illegal aliens and he refused to actually stop Obama's amnesty. #sgp
Arkona - Snow Valley: #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
.@ScreedofChucky: Kaus would legalize millions of illegal aliens & he refused to stop Obama's amnesty. He's a false opposition. #teaparty
Arkona - Neither Are There Cogs There: #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
.@pikester45: Kaus is a false opposition: he'd legalize millions of illegal aliens and he refused to actually stop Obama's amnesty. #tcot
Arkona - Bowl Over to Me: #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
.@Parrish_Miller: only in Somalia (the libertarian homeland) are jobs just voluntary interactions. In US, much, much more is involved.
99 Cents Only has "Arkona" brand pouches of salmon. Made in China. #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
Arkona - Alone: #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
.@Aplusplusplus: @KausMickey would legalize millions of illegal aliens & he refused to help stop Obama's amnesty. Please don't be fooled.
WorstPresident is a new book from @MattMargolis, who's this buffoon: Few dregs are lower than that. #tcot #ows #p2
Both my RamNode VPSes - for the site I tweet from and the site I use to search Twitter - seem to be slowing down this evening.
.@TheRabenGroup: I didn't realize you were on Twitter, can I ask you a question about that CAPImmigration study?
.@KoreyGaskin: as I told you before, ThinkProgress/CAPImmigration is lying to you. Their study is bogus + that's not necessary. #ows #tlot
Arkona - Hello Friend I Am Your Mail Order Bride: #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #DualSurvival #tcot #ows #uniteblue
I can guarantee you DrewMTips has zero ability to understand what I mean. If he replies, it will be in such a way as to help Knoller etc.
.@DrewMTips: you might be able to get Knoller to discuss IE depopulation where I can't. Because you won't, he wins. Stop helping them.
.@DrewMTips: do you understand that your tweet won't do anything? It'd be much smarter to force Knoller to discuss depopulation of Ireland.
RT @markknoller: On behalf of undocumented Irish in the US, Taoiseach thanks Pres Obama for his executive actions on immigration.
.@KMcCartyAD7: so true about #HealthForAll! But, is that just in SAC?
RT @KMcCartyAD7 Proud to support #HeathForAll in SAC regardless of ones immigration status. Morally right & good for public health.
.@boyrauhll: have you heard Justin Bieber's new joint Oppression/Liberation? It's 28 minutes & with Gil Scott-Heron!
.@GreeGreece: what's more racist than trying to reduce the % of one race through mass #immigration? #UK #UKIP
They make waterproof matches. You'd think the (fictional) "trapper" - esp. from that horrible area - would have them. #DualSurvival #tcot
.@roxanakopetman: hi Roxana, have you seen ? Isn't NumbersUSA like that: lots of money with no successes?
.@MaplesKay @jjauthor @lsferguson: NumbersUSA could have stopped amnesty, but blew $1,000,000 on worthless ads instead. Don't be duped.
In the Russki dating TV ad, she's going into a "Pochta", a post office. So you know it must be true. #DualSurvival #teaparty #tcot #GOP
.@rneppell: @KausMickey would legalize millions of illegal aliens: He also refused to challenge Boxer to her face
.@Parrish_Miller: all US residents have rights, incl. Constitutional. The question is whether to give US citizens more rights: voting/jobs..
MT Parrish_Miller [a moi] Fair enough. I believe all individuals have equal natural rights regardless of the accident of one's birthplace.
The only test for red tide is to lick a mussel and wait 10 minutes? No thanks, I'll take H. Salt. #DualSurvival #teaparty #tcot #uniteblue
.@PruPaine: this is the much-further-right-on-the-bell-curve version of @KausMickey 's 2007 plan: He refused to do it
.@PruPaine: see the "Lindsey" blurb here: That was his plan: make fake attack ads like a challenger would run.
.@PruPaine: are you familiar with Kaus' opposition ads campaign to stop amnesty from several years ago?
.@WalshFreedom: Kaus is right about Fox, but Kaus isn't much of an opposition to amnesty either. He has no smart action plan to stop it.
If you join IdahoFreedom now, you'll get a free booklet How To Build Your Own Compound as our special gift to you. #tcot #teaparty #ows #p2
.@Parrish_Miller: also, @MickeyKaus would legalize millions of illegal aliens. He's not the libertarian ideal, but he's no Tancredo. #tcot
.@Parrish_Miller ("Policy Analyst with @idahofreedom"): since you wouldn't put citizens b4 foreigners, why should we Americans put you b4?
.@JosiahRyan: 1. Kaus would legalize millions of illegal aliens: 2. He could've helped stop amnesty but refused.
.@jraber11: you need to move beyond t-shirts to remain relevant. Doing this will *greatly* help you & USA:
RT @jraber11 If you come at me like a mad dog then I WILL rip you to shreds
.@sabrina_lelia: when are you going to make a guest appearance on #AmishMafia, perhaps in the Jimmy Carter role?
.@xrlq: Lonewacko here. Krikorian put his dislike of me (!!) ahead of stopping amnesty: No, really.
.@NCTea411: as bad as Liz Mair is, NumbersUSA is worse. They take $$$ to stop amnesty but refuse to actually stop amnesty. Don't be grifted.
.@MeanCharlotte: @MarkSKrikorian put his dislike of me ahead of stopping amnesty. No, really: Don't be fooled.
"The constable" - a PI, not an actual LEO - just did an unlawful stop of a lawyer. I'm finally having doubts about #AmishMafia. #tcot #ows
Did she just say they believe he's dating an English ho? #AmishMafia #OccupyLancaster #tcot #ows #uniteblue
MT @BigPapaDawg ...hoping before season is over the Kentucky Amish show up, for goodenss sake, Merlin washed the guy's feet lol #AmishMafia
But, first stop, call in to @catholiccom on #immigration. More temporaly convenient than a 6am CSPAN show. #AmishMafia #tcot #ows #uniteblue
RT @gnearhoff also when they appear on a talk radio show...I asked Devin Nunes a question on the Ray Appleton show
RT @gnearhoff we can also ask questions when they appear on cspan washington journal...then it's on tape// As I shall when I get up then.
We're seeing a different side of Merlin: Comicon Spock impersonator at Starbucks. #AmishMafia #OccupyLancaster #tcot #ows #uniteblue
Gonifim at #VOA *stole my idea*. Went to start at slow-speaking English-learning vid channel, found out VOA had videos there already. #tcot
.@JoshMcKoon: in Krikorian's case: I called NumbersUSA 2x about same plan, they rebuffed me. Demand they improve.
.@JoshMcKoon: I've contacted you about Dakdis/Krikorian/NumbersUSA. They could have stopped amnesty, but refused. Plz demand they do jobs.
.@gnearhoff: Obama won't sign the "Deny Amnesty Credits Act of 2015". This is the much smarter plan that will work:
There's a Congresswoman named Cheri Bustos.
.@LanceSilver1: did NumbersUSA do all they could - go to the wall - to stop amnesty? I mean, just try everything they could do to stop it?
.@drhelldigger: look up @shanesmith30 fans, ask them to compare to the puffballs he asked. Which better for USA?
MT @mboyle1: I gave @ScottWalker team more than 6 hours to answer basic immigration policy questions & they gave me rhetoric// #GrowingHair
Libertarians - the people #Teaparty stole many of their ideas from - are as much a threat to the U.S. as Communism was in the 50s. #tcot #p2
Jefferson Airplane - Go to Her: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue
.@RedWhiteAndLou: now, from the American POV, see #libertarian #tcot #teaparty #ows
.@cyncobalt: NumbersUSA plan to end birthright citizenship is just posturing. They could have easily stopped amnesty years ago but refused.
.@JoshMcKoon: hey Josh, why do you keep enabling entertainers who refuse to actually stop amnesty? Are you just an entertainer too?
.@MichelleMeyer10: @jennybethm is a grifter. She rakes in millions & spends it badly. And, she refuses to actually stop amnesty. #teaparty
.@LanceSilver1: Roy Beck could have stopped amnesty years ago. *Not* stopping amnesty is how he and his son eat: you're being grifted.
.@BattleSwarmBlog: hey Lawrence, here's why @MarkSKrikorian is fake: Stopping amnesty would cost him money.
An Ael Kwartet - Kreiz Breizh: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue #Breton
.@OhNoSheTwitnt: there's a smart, sane, honorable, pro-American way to make Coulter look bad. Do you have the smarts & self-control to help?
MT @OhNoSheTwitnt Every year... I've tweeted at @AnnCoulter asking her if Saint Patrick could drive the snakes out of her heart and vagina.
Angelite Choir - Gospodi pomiloi: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue
.@vadum: isn't mostly on-target & aren't people like you helping the very people most Americans oppose? #derp
.@Reticulator: @KausMickey could have asked his special friend Coulter to offer $10,000 instead of $350: That'd do it
.@Reticulator: you don't have to monitor @KausMickey 24/7 - you don't have a trust fund like him I assume - to know he could have done more.
.@salclaudiarios @scottusa2016: Scott Walker is a #Koch front & the Kochs want loose borders. *Prove me wrong!* Get SW to oppose legalizing!
.@salclaudiarios @scottusa2016: Scott Walker just hired @LizMair. She's quite open about supporting amnesty (both to me & to others). #tcot
MT @MLP_officiel "Au #FN, nous donnons voix aux Français qui ne demandent rien, ne manifestent pas, ne cassent pas, ne brûlent pas de [auto]
.@CAndrewMorse: anti-amnesty leaders are corrupt and incompetent. Opposing but not stopping amnesty keeps them in Little Debbie. #teaparty