Toothless Obama admin immigration enforcement: 100s janitors fired, not deported (+how many SEIU members are illegal aliens?)

In Minneapolis, Minnesota earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security sent no match letters or a variant to around 1200 janitors employed by the major corporation ABM informing those employees that there was a mismatch between their Social Security numbers and other information. They were required to provide documentation by October, and when all or almost all didn't, ABM fired them; presumably all or virtually all are illegal aliens (link). However, rather than trying to deport them, DHS simply concentrated on the company. Needless to say, that makes it easy for a fired illegal alien to go to work down the street, while waiting for the Obama administration to push for amnesty:

John Keller of the Immigrant Law Center says of the 1,200 fired janitors, about 10 might have a path to citizenship under existing laws. The rest, he says, will probably try to wait it out, hoping for the laws to change so they can work herelegally.

The article also says that "ABM janitor jobs make up one-quarter of SEIU's membership"; whether "membership" means just the number in Minneapolis or of the Local involved or is a national figure isn't known, but in any case a large number of SEIU members are here illegally; that means that a portion of the money that the SEIU receives in dues is earned illegally. That would be a good thing to ask them.

And, as with other cases, Americans or legal foreign workers have filled the jobs previously taken by the illegal aliens. It would also be a good thing to ask Democrats, Republicans, pundits, major bloggers, and the like why they aren't calling for more enforcement in order to free up jobs for Americans (and take them off unemployment insurance).


Other than a permanent E-Verify, the--ONLY--alternative to resolving the problem of illegal aliens in the workplace is a national ID card? As a naturalized citizen I have absolutely have no disagreement with carrying a government identity picture ID card. There are many concerns with being a card-carrying member of American society; unlike hundreds of other nations where it's mandatory. But now E-Verify has surfaced to the detriment of Democratic leaders and a whole host of open border proponents. Amongst law-abiding businesses the E-Verify program has become extremely popular and now it has condensed in the Publics mind that E-Verify is a good thing? It has become a savior for 15.3 percent jobless American workers, even though the power brokers in Washington have thrown every obstacle in the way to condemn it? As it becomes more credible in the employers eyes, it now has far reaching effects in detecting fraudulent documentation. Another innovation that takes effect in December is a photograph identification tool, which will compare other immigration documents. Another possible contribution by the federal government is adding a picture ID from Drivers Licenses and US passports to compare with associated documents to verify workers identities. Currently more than 148,000 participating businesses at nearly 560,000 working locations nationwide are using E-Verify to authenticate their workersÂ’ employment eligibility. Since Oct, 2008, more than 7.8 million employment verification queries have been assessed through the digital system and approximately 96.9 percent of all inquiries are automatically confirmed now as job authorized within 24 hour period or less. The illegal job magnet might be slipping away, if--ONLY--ICE is not completely stripped of its ability to assail suspicious businesses with agents and not demoralized by paralyzing orders from Washington. It seems that legal worker informants are gaining in momentum by contacting ICE offices, rather than regular police of questionable practices in employment sites. Stolen Social Security numbers can easily retrieved from deceased records and genealogical resources. Even hospital records are compromised as the SSA issue a number on the birth of a child and are unethical used without the parents realizing the number is being jeopardized, by a criminal of foreign worker. Troops fighting in foreign lands have found on return that someoneÂ’s been using their SS number and may have access their credit and damaged their reputation as it has with thousands of other citizens? E-Verify is becoming rapidly established as a unique tool, to contest illegal immigrants and over time could be expanded to qualify for other purposes? It's improbable that our government will ever issue a National ID card, as it would be subjected a continuous objection about constitutionality and freedoms. But upgraded modifications of E-Verify could be used for any person whom applied for government entitlements

obama is hate for our world of laws.

What do you mean "toothless"? I bet it was a very pointed letter they got.