ThinkProgress v. Human Events: idiots clash over illegal immmigration parody song

Andrea Nill of ThinkProgress offers "New right-wing Christmas carol: 'Illegals in my Yard'" (link) about a talk radio parody from Talk Radio Network's Matt Fox and AJ Rice that was posted at Human Events as a regular post (i.e., not just a user-generated blog post) under the byline "The Fox and Rice Experience" ( As one might expect from the sources, all of those involved are showing just how low-wattage they are:

1. Nill fails to understand satire, wherein one is given a wider latitude to comment using superficially offensive terms and imagery than in, say, congressional testimony.
2. Nill claims that "illegals" is "offensive" and "pejorative", and to some extent she's right. However, she fails to note that many of those who claim that term is offensive/pejorative are over-selling the offensive nature of the term in order to support illegal activity and prefer misleading euphemisms such as "undocumented worker". This site has consistently used "illegal aliens" for several years; past coverage might have used "illegal immigrants". Only quoted coverage will have used "illegals". Sticking with the legally-correct terms is the safest possible route.
3. Nill fails to understand or fails to note that the song appears to be an attempt at a cautionary tale, discussing the downsides of using illegal labor: someone uses illegal labor to pave their driveway and then realizes that illegal aliens aren't checked for diseases as are legal immigrants.
4. That said, this is yet another example of self-promoting, low-wattage radio hosts helping the far-left and hurting the cause they pretend to support, and all to earn ratings or money. If they were brighter they could have come up with a scrupulously fact-based satire designed to expose the far-left; instead, they helped the far-left. Their listeners who realize what's going on should respond by tuning them out rather than laughing along and ultimately helping those who want to profit from illegal activity, such as the Center for American Progress. Low-wattage radio hosts who do things like this are helping CAP and are in effect enabling illegal immigration.


Let's not be PC. The word "illegals" is not offensive; in fact it's a shorthand version of the proper legal and accurate term illegal alien.

One of the things I love about the right is that they do promote hatred and crud. That is when they are not pretending to be religious. My whole 60 years I have heard racist jokes and anti-semitic jokes from people who hated Blacks and Jews. The Right Wing is where haters find a welcoming home. You do hate anyone who is not you, you do hate Mexicans and others. It is not your fault that people can see how empty and hate-filled you are. I suppose the writer is here really does want to see some type of actual satire, but the point is not satire for you people. The point is hate. You hate and it shows up over and over. And the more you hate and the more scared you are, the smaller your life gets, which is why your appeak is only to other scared haters like you.

tjproudamerican: wow. I never thought of it that way. You've completely changed my mind. In fact, henceforth I'll be supporting illegal immigration in order to show just how compassionate I am [1]. Thank you for spurring that Huffington/LGF-level epiphany. No, really.


Hate? Hmmm...... What is it then that we should feel about 30+ million [yes 30] strong horde of people who disregard our laws, take our jobs, cost us untold billions [yearly] in social services and even more in education....not to mention the 100,000+ gang memebers in Los Angeles alone......the replacement of our culture and English language....mix that in with their insulting sense of entitlement and demands to be treated as equals to native citizens is not what I would call "acts of love". So tell me you fucking asshole lib......are you telling me I shouldnt be pissed off? Hate is not even close to what patriotic Americans feel. God bless those who fought for this Country and our Constitution. Thank God it wasnt people like TJ, that we had to count on during WW2. I suppose we shouldnt have hated the Japs or Germans either huh? You fucking total and complete idiot. If you want to capitulate your country to uninvited law breakers then fine. Just shut up and stay out of the way of those who care, or your gonna get steamrolled.

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