Teaparty: where were you during the Bush administration? Tell me.

I've previously joked about the tea parties conducting an eight-year silent protest against the Bush administration. While some of their leaders - such as Grover Norquist and Dick Armey of FreedomWorks (and some libertarians) - did speak out against Bush's exorbitant spending, almost all of those who are currently in the teaparties said absolutely nothing or were strong Bush supporters. They might have groused a bit, but when the chips were down they fell into line. And, that goes for the rightwing commentariat and rightwing bloggers such as Glenn Reynolds.

Trivial efforts like "Pork Busters" don't count: almost no one who's in the tea parties was willing to go to the wall - or throw tantrums at public meetings - over spending. Sure, some Ron Paul fans opposed Bush (mostly by playing dress-up games), but they aren't exactly the heart and soul of the teaparty movement.

But, if any teaparty members want to prove me wrong, leave a comment below with the verifiable - or at least highly plausible - details on exactly how you opposed Bush.