Tea parties not smart enough to oppose Sen. Robert Menendez in right way, choose pointless recall effort instead

The latest cheap, ineffective stunt from the tea parties is a recall effort against New Jersey senator Bob Menendez. A state appeals court has ruled that the recall effort can proceed, but it will probably go to a higher court (link).

So, the partiers are going to be faced with a long legal challenge and in addition are going to have to get hundreds of thousands of signatures. The latter is exceedingly difficult and in almost all cases getting that many signatures would require hundreds of thousands of dollars to be spent on paid signature gatherers, not to mention the process of checking that there are enough valid signatures. Their chances of succeeding are extremely slim. And, the whole effort by those who pretend to hold the Constitution in highest regard might be unconstitutional. And, all for what?

NJ Tea Parties United and the Sussex County Tea Party say they want Menendez removed because he votes for too much government spending.

The much smarter (and much more inexpensive) thing to do is discredit Menendez over his very strong support for illegal immigration; see his name's link above for some of our coverage and see the question authority page for an action plan.

Menendez is extremely vulnerable on that issue, and the reason he supports it is because he wants to obtain more power. He'll then be able to use that additional power to push for additional spending. Yet - despite how vital it is and how it can be used to discredit him and reduce his power - the tea partiers have no interest in even discussing that side of things. Some of them are on Menendez' side when it comes to immigration, others of them are on the take, but most of them are just complete idiots.