Take Back America PAC from stimulus lobbyist, illegal immigration supporter Dick Armey

The Take Back America PAC is a new organization from Dick Armey's FreedomWorks; if you're considering sending them any money please read the following links first:

* Dick Armey did stimulus bill-related lobbying for a couple companies around the same time as Freedomworks was incompetently opposing the bill. It's unknown what his lobbying consisted of, but there's a more than fair chance that his actions didn't result in the stimulus being less than it was.

* See this 2007 video of Dick Armey supporting those who come here illegally. He's been a supporter of massive immigration for several years, and the massive immigration that he supports leads to more spending, higher taxes, and increased power for the Democrats and the far-left.

See their name's link above for more on that organization.

As for the PAC, it will be seeking small donations from those in the tea parties sphere and then supporting fiscal conservatives. Per this, Armey said the goal is:

"to show that if Republicans pick their candidates with a message of restraint of big government and respect for individual liberty, it will translate into electoral success. If they don’t do that, they will probably get what I will call ‘gentle reminders’ from all of the grassroots activists in their districts that they need to be a lot more like Reagan Republicans or they can expect that they might lose their own primary."

If you didn't see those links above, please take a look now.


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