Sonia Sotomayor was member of National Council of La Raza from 1998 to 2004 (+Raul Yzaguirre)

As first discussed here over a week ago, Sonia Sotomayor was member of the far-left, illegal activity-supporting, extemist-funding, racist-awarding National Council of La Raza. Now we know that she was a member from 1998 to 2004 (link). That's a long time during which they said and did many interesting things.

Yesterday, Harry Reid and former NCLR president Raul Yzaguirre spoke at a press conference:

"Her ethnicity is a plus, but in no way means she's going to get a pass," said Yzaguirre, who said she was more qualified than others on the Court. "She's going to be scrutinized. She's going to be vetted. We remain assured that she will pass every test that's put in front of her."


Most of immigration problems would go away if we did away with immigration limits and just had open borders. The only thing that should restrict a persons movement is if they have a history of violent crime. Borders are just another form of government control And besides, don't give me this "they take our jobs crap." If someone who doesn't even speak English is taking your job maybe you need to look in the mirror and say "hey, I maybe need to improve myself so I don't get my ass handed to me by someone who can't even speak the main language." If someone can dig a ditch for less money than you can, tough shit.

So if we "did away with immigration limits" and had "open borders", how would we be able to check to see if someone had a "history of violent crime" and then deny entry? That's a real head scratcher. Other than that, your plan sounds like pure genius, so I'm sure you have a solution.

There's a phrase for countries that have open borders: Failed states.

"If someone can dig a ditch for less money than you can, tough shit." What kind of stupid fucking gibberish is that? American jobs are for AMERICANS, you stupid fucking anti-American dolt. What you support is akin to slavery, fucktard.

the only way to stop evil is to fight it and win anyway you can.

by the way in 1998 is the year the mexican momkeys allowed the other hispanic monkeys into la raza before that it was all mexican monkeys. is this telling you something about this famale monkey sonia sotomayor?