Sonia Sotomayor is/was member of National Council of La Raza (far-left, supports illegal activity)

[UPDATE 3: She was a member for six years. Please be sure to see the NCLR summary.]

Via WND, an American Bar Association profile of US Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor from 2000 [1] confirms that she was as of that year a member of the far-left National Council of La Raza, a racial power group that - while considered mainstream by the Beltway establishment - funds extremists and constantly goes out of their way to support illegal immigration. See the last link for our extensive coverage of that group going back to 2004.

Whether Sonya Sotomayer is still a member of that group is not known, but that alone should indicate that she has no problem with far-left groups that support illegal activity. It also helps put her "wise Latina" comments and the comments in this 1974 document in a much sharper context.

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UPDATE: Let's just say I'm not exactly happy about the relatively small number of visitors to my National Council of La Raza summary. And, just as bad, it looks like once again some of the less intelligent bloggers who think they're opposing Obama are unwittingly helping him. For instance, see this, specifically the supposed flier at the end of the post that just says "la raza" at the bottom. The flier - one I've seen for several years - stands a very high probability of being a fake, and even if it isn't it has nothing to do with the NCLR.

Accusing the NCLR of doing something they had no role in helps them: it gives the MSM fodder for debunking articles in which they point out yet again that Obama's opponents are lying about him. If those opponents simply told the truth, their efforts would hurt Obama; instead, they spend their time helping him.

If anyone wants to actually oppose Obama and Sotomayor, please make sure that as many people as possible see my summary of the NCLR by sending out emails to your friends, posting it to your facebook page, and so on. You can also include this one. Just don't send links to sites like "Atlas Shrugged", since that only helps the NCLR.

Whatever links you want to send, send them to as many people as possible and urge them to send them to their friends. And, urge them to take action by contacting their Senators.

UPDATE 2: Another example of massive stupidity comes from the worse-than-worthless site Protein Wisdom's Dan Collins ( He links to - a very small number of very extreme people - under the quote "Lots of the La Raza people are secessionists who believe in Aztlan". That's stupid because he gives a good, valuable link to people who shouldn't get it. And, he's confusing the NCLR with a much wider concept. And, while there are probably some or a good number of members of the NCLR who hold extremist views, that means nothing unless he can provide specific examples. While anything is possible, there's a miniscule chance that he could in fact be parodying how some people make it incredibly easy for the "debunkers" in the MSM to help Obama.

[1] From

In addition to her work on the bench, Judge Sotomayor is an adjunct professor at New York University School of Law and a lecturer-in-law at Columbia Law School. She is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York Women’s Bar Association, the Puerto Rican Bar Association, the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Association of Judges of Hispanic Heritage, and the National Council of La Raza. She has received many honors including, most recently, an award from the National Association of Women Lawyers.

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I feel like we have Hugo Chavez as President.

How do you figure, Mary? Or do you just enjoy making little snipes?

How do I figure oh wise 'query -tool'??? Gee, uh, maybe because His highness, The Emperor, is buying car companies and closing those dealers that support Republicans......maybe because the stimulus bill and Tarp are nothing but thievery of the highest order. Maybe because his thumb on banks is a greedy power grab.Maybe because DHS considers regular , conservative Americans and former military personnel EXTREMISTS. Maybe because Jeffrey Immelt of GE who owns MSNBC , (which is Obama 's PR arm)is gaining the most from the cap and trade bill and advises his honor to benefit himself.....Maybe because the lack of reading of bills as was promised is beyond disturbing when the Congress chooses to have a speed reader read the bill for them ...ain't that a hoot,..(.hahahahah I can hardly contain my laughter at that amusing joke by our oh so repsonsible congress.) I could go on and on instead I will suggest that lastly MAYBE you should read a newspaper or web site and get your head out of the sand!!

One correction...I think your head is somewhere closer proximity .

Just to address a couple of points. -- GM & Chrysler were doomed whether or not the Administration stepped in. -- DHS is certainly appropriate to consider all threats to America. They said there COULD BE extrimists AMONG "conservative Americans and former military personnel" Or have you forgotten Oklahoma City? -- The stimulus was necessary to keep our country's economy from being sucked into a deflationary spiral -- The TARP does disgust me. But I suspect that if the Obama Administration had taken over the banks instead of helping them this way, you would have howled in protest too, again calling him the "Emperor". The government could have either taken over the banks (that is, share holders and bond holders get wiped out the government manages or finds someone to manage the banks assets), or given money to them via the TARP. Pick one, Mary.

Mary -- RE: The "Republican Car Dealer Conspiracy" Consider this: "It turns out that all car dealers are, in fact, overwhelmingly more likely to donate to Republicans than to Democrats -- not just those who are having their doors closed." "Overall, 88 percent of the contributions from car dealers went to Republican candidates and just 12 percent to Democratic candidates." No consipracy Mary -- it's just really hard to close a car dealership that ISN'T owned by someone who supports Republicans.

You're right. DHS in considering ALL threats to America is wise to focus on Canadas border whilst thousands are killed on our Southern Border and millions more stream in to benefit from our largesse. (OOPS....forgot, there is no more largesse.) California here we all come!! If you believe the stimulus was necessary and benefits Americans I have some swampland in Florida you might want to buy. And the budget...well if you're out of money , what better plan than to spend trillions more!! WEEEEEEE , having fun yet? Those companies doomed to fail should be allowed to do just that...Fail. Let better companies prevail. Even DHS has the brains to stop defending their stupid attack on Extremist American conservatives, (who make up half the country)...why don't you do the same.

Mary - Please calm yourself down and understand there is a difference between Extremist Conservatives and conservatives. DHS does. Extremist conservatives killed 168 people in Oklahoma City in the 1995 bombing. So this is not an imaginary threat. It's already happened once. Why would we not want vigilance against this type of attack?

"Extremist conservatives killed 168 people in Oklahoma City in the 1995 bombing." I had been watching this little back-and-forth with some amusement, but your assertion that it was "extremist conservatives" that killed those people in OKC is just plain silly. McVeigh and his co-conspirators were ex-military, which is not automatically the same as "conservative." In the last election, a fairly high percentage of military, both retired and active duty, voted for Obama. McVeigh hated the U.S. government. As a conservative, I dislike the government as much as anyone, but I recognize that there is a difference between public sector employees doing a job that has to be done, and the people who are the real problem, namely our transnational, post-American elites. To call McVeigh and his ilk "conservative" is as silly as calling Barack Obama a "communist," when everyone knows he's nothing more than Jesse Jackson without the sharp edges.

I had fun today. I found this little place because somebody had a link to here in the comment section over at in reference to the Obama birth certificate non-story. Good luck with that one, the baffling teleprompter meme, "transnational, post-American elites", and the continuted implosion of the GOP.

"Extremist conservatives killed 168 people in Oklahoma City in the 1995 bombing." Yes and that was a response to the 72 Americans killed at Waco and the 2 people killed at Ruby Ridge (a woman and a child)--killed by their own government. While I do not condone McVeigh, I understand the reason why he did it. But you can go ahead and support the government killing its own citizens like a good little pinko in red diapers.

Mary we do have chavez as president and he is our enemy.

query-tool you are a political nut and hate our freedoms go join la raza that would be great for you and after all you can work for chavez the main money bitch for La Raza ( the race )

Query-I hope you enjoy watching the USA implode as much as watching the Republican party the way , I'm an independant and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats speak for me.....and therein lies the problem. And if perchance you have children I hope you will apologize to them for allowing your country to be robbed and destroyed by an arrogant fascist.

PS I joined Politico early on, but stopped reading it when I realized it was peopled by far left Loons.......... Signed, A former bleeding heart liberal , who graduated college, got a job, made a living,pays a mortgage , and raised a kid...... You can kiss that crap goodbye Bucko!!

La Raza- The only group invited to confer with Senor Ted Kennedy when writing the failed Comprehensive Immigration Bill . American Citizens not consulted. How outrageous is that..........

Are you blind? Obama is a Marxist. I know it's true because Pravda says so. Now go build glorious cars for the glorious people of Government Motors!

I think query_tool's first name is Harry.

BTW, welcome back pb.....

On April 16, 2007 Sueng-Hui Cho, a LPR from South Korea, murdered 2 students at Virginia Tech (VT). While the police were busy looking into this crime, he dropped a package to a TV station in the mail, went back on campus, chained the doors of Norris Hall shut, and systematically slaughtered 30 more students and faculty and wounded 25 more. He would have killed or injured even more but he shot himself when the police managed to cut the chains and enter the building. If VT followed DHS's and query_tool's lead, it would, shall we say, "take special interest" in all students from S. Korea from now on. But wait. Last January at VT, 25-year-old Haiyang Zhu of Ningbo, China BEHEADED another Chinese graduate student with a kitchen knife in a campus cafe. Should VT now "take special interest" in all Asian students? If it did, that would be called profiling and the ACLU would be all over VT. The ACLU has been nowhere on the profiling of returning soldiers. I guess it's OK to profile them.

Her membership obviously hasn't hurt her before now, and I doubt it will be any kind of an issue in her confirmation -- La Raza is seen as more or less mainstream, and actually gets government funding. But she's in general repulsive, with a long history of ethnic agitation that doesn't really seem compatible with being on the Supreme Court -- we'll see if anyone in Congress has the guts to vigorously pursue all of that in the hearings. _I had fun today._ So what exactly was your point here? You condescending fuck.

I think Jeff Sessions is one of the few who does have the guts to question her carefully. But those dutiful democrats won't even listen to what is said...they already plan to vote for her whether she does cartwheels through the hall or brings in a dancing monkey as an aide. Blind allegiance to the "party". There is nothing "fun" about what is happening to this country. If I had no children or nieces and nephews I would not even pay attention.Our representatives are not "ours"....It is frightening,maddening and dangerous to my blood pressure.

Sessions has shown he has no balls and is telling "Republicans" to back off on calling her racist, which she clearly is. The GOP is dead.

Byron York piece on Jeff Sessions Jeff tried to get an amendment to e-verify in the last bill...He is true to his convictions. He just doesn't play dirty like his evil opponents like that lying sack of cowardice,Ted Kennedy who has done more to perpetuate "race wars" than anyone. (All the better to perpetuate his office, and keep them in their 'place')Whereis their place? Beholden to him of course.

Mary can see facts in front of her that makes the enmey mad as hell.