Sen. Robert Menendez plays race card, misleads; NJ Star-Ledger editors sit there like potted plants

The attached video (also here, report here) shows Senator Bob Menendez misleading about immigration matters and playing the race card. As can be seen at the last link, neither of those are news. The main reason this is here is because it provides a video illustration of how the mainstream media isn't doing their job. Instead of interrupting him and acting like real journalists, the members of the New Jersey Star Ledger editorial board sit there like potted plants. They're treating an extremely sleazy liar as if he were a valued teacher and they were his students. None of those pictured on the tape are in any way real journalists.

If they were real journalists, they'd point out that comprehensive immigration reform isn't the "civil rights issue of their [Latinos'] time". Illegal aliens (no matter their region of origin) aren't citizens; civil rights don't apply to them because they aren't citizens.

And, they'd call him on his dramatic, passive-aggressive act where he complains about some in the Senate referring to "those people". They'd force him to name who exactly said that, when, and in what context. They'd point out that he's reading from a script he wrote in 2007 at the latest (his June 28, 2007 "Comments on Failure of Cloture Vote on S. 1639", link).

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