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Jared Loughner's AboveTopSecret postings (Gabrielle Giffords shooter) - 01/11/11

Jared Lee Loughner - shooter of Gabrielle Giffords - allegedly posted to the conspiracy forum AboveTopSecret.com using the handle erad3, and they've published the comments here. He created four threads and posted an additional 126 comments; none of them give an accurate picture of his political leanings or hint at what was to come. In almost all of the comments it's difficult to tell whether he...

James O'Keefe Landrieu "wiretap" shows how entire political class is endangering the U.S. - 01/29/10

... Reynolds, Ann Althouse, and the Volokh Conspiracy) only linking to false mainstream media reports rather than doing something as simple as scanning - or asking others to scan - the affidavit. No other bloggers that I saw were able to do the same, with most getting the facts wrong. Only on the day after Breitbart's post did you find some of them catching on, such as the buffoonish Patterico. And...

Obama gives INTERPOL immunity from U.S. law; Constitution doesn't apply; precursor to ICC? - 12/28/09

... Justice. 12/30/09 UPDATE: Orin Kerr of the Volokh Conspiracy isn't worried about this: volokh.com/2009/12/30/ executive-order-12425-and-the-legal-status-of-interpol However, he also admits that he isn't familiar with these topics; he asks for those more knowledgable to weigh in in comments, and I didn't see anyone like that. And, Jake Tapper of ABC News throws cold water on this here, quoting a...