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Phuong Ly /Washington Post's five screen ad for anti-American DREAM Act - 02/25/09

Freelance writer and former Washington Post staffer Phuong Ly offers "The Outsider" (link), a five screen ad for the anti-American DREAM Act. See the PIIPP category for a discussion of all the other very similar articles that other hacks have offered.

National Council of La Raza hides behind children to oppose immigration enforcement (raids, trauma, identity theft) - 11/01/07

... ("The Race") has worked with the Urban Institute (info) to release a report entitled "Paying the Price: The Impact of Immigration Raids on America's Children" [1]. Reading it is to be transported into another universe. It makes the claim that immigration raids result in harm to the children of the detained persons, but that's not all: they downplay the crime of identity theft and they appear to...

"Mi Casa Es Su Casa? Get Real" - 12/30/04

... who studies immigration at the Urban Institute in Washington. Look for the clash to intensify in late January. Although the issue got put on the back burner in the wake of September 11, the President plans to push once more for partial amnesty and a guest-worker program for illegal immigrants. But that call will run smack into rank-and-file Republican pressure to crack down on illegals... The...