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GOP consultants: which Hispanic outreach approach is better? - 08/30/12

... editorializing. [2] Approach A is from Susana Martinez in her 2012 GOP Convention speech. The talking point that Obama promised to pass comprehensive immigration reform but didn't when he had a chance is one of the GOP-approved responses to Obama's DREAM Act push. It's been used by Mitt Romney on down to rightwing bloggers. [3] By Roy Beck of Numbers USA, link.

Susana Martinez is bad on immigration, supports amnesty and a DREAM Act plan (Mitt Romney, New Mexico) - 05/15/12

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez appeared to be somewhat OK on immigration in the past: she opposed drivers licenses for illegal aliens and the DREAM Act. However, recent statements show she's more on the George W Bush side of things ([1]). Comments follow the excerpt: [Immigration is] a topic she has been reluctant to discuss since winning the Republican primary in 2010, so what comes next is...