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Supposed "fact checking" site that has edited entries without notice and which has failed to admit when they were misleading. Also substitutes mockery and piling on for open-minded, fact-based analysis. See, for example, this. After writing that, I sent them an email without effect and then tried to join their forums in order to point that out to their readers. My request was denied.

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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Who was Obama's birth doctor? (David Sinclair, Rodney West, ...; Snopes) - 04/27/11

... oldtruth, as enshrined in the main Snopes article about the "Birther" issue (snopes.com/politics/obama/birthcertificate.asp, screengrab here because Snopes has silently changed entries before). According to the oldtruth, the doctor who delivered Obama was Dr. Rodney T. West. Snopes' oldtruth is apparently via a 1/20/09 article that appeared in the Buffalo News by Paula Voell entitled "Teacher...

Rumors falsely claim Walmart is cooperating with DHS on immigration raids at its stores - 03/16/10

... another illegal immigration march (Snopes, snopes.com/politics/immigration/walmart.asp). The company, of course, claims that this isn't true. And, the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce weighs in on their side, "Laud[ing] Walmart's Collaborative Approach in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform" (link).

Barack Obama gave differing accounts of which hospital he was born in (Wikipedia and Snopes too) (+Bill Press) - 07/08/09

... hospital it was? Yet, not only have Snopes and Wikipedia given differing accounts of which hospital he was born in, but so has Obama himself. How can anyone claim to know for a fact that he was born there at the same time as giving differing accounts of which hospital it was? That doesn't mean he wasn't born in Honolulu, it just means that none of those sources are credible and it's yet another...

Gail Kerr's misleading Tennessean column (+a challenge) - 02/16/09

Gail Kerr, columnist for the Tennessean newspaper, offers "Lawmakers look dumb for reviving Obama hoax" (link). It concerns a lawsuit that four TN legislators are involved in seeks to find out whether Barack Obama is indeed eligible to be president. Whatever the details of the case (I'm not familiar with it), Kerr makes several misleading statements in the column. She substitutes mockery for...

Where was Barack Obama born? In Hawaii? In Kenya? Somewhere else? - 10/19/08

... assumptions is not proof. 5. Snopes says the claim that the COLB is a forgery is "false" (snopes.com/politics/obama/birthcertificate.asp). However, they add no new facts, but simply rely on claims from FactCheck and the suppositions of Politifact. They link to presumably the same JPEG of the COLB as FactCheck as well as the Honolulu Advertiser announcement mentioned in #1. They also say:...

National Council of La Raza gave award to racist professor ("eliminate the gringo", Jose Angel Gutierrez) - 02/06/08

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") is currently leading a campaign to drive "hate speech" (i.e., opposition to illegal immigration) from the airwaves. Meanwhile, back in 1994, they gave their "Chicano Hero Award" to University of Texas at Arlington professor Jose Angel Gutierrez [1], who had made this comment in 1969, well before having received the award: "We have got to eliminate the...

Philip Dine/St. Louis Post-Dispatch: North American Union just "urban legend" - 05/23/07

Philip Dine of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch offers 'Urban legend of "North American Union" feeds on fears'. That appears to be the original title, it doesn't appear to have been printed in his own paper, and it's accompanied by a handy chart listing other "urban legends". The latter are obvious ones, such as the perennial favorite about a rebate from Microsoft.

The EPA and... pesticide testing on orphans and mentally handicapped children? - 11/17/05

I realize that as time goes on the Bush administration is looking more and more like a secret attempt to discredit the Republican Party, but even they wouldn't come out with a scheme to do pesticide testing on orphans and mentally handicapped children.

Snopes on "Terror in the Skies" - 07/26/04

From Snopes: Claim: Reporter encounters terrorists on airline flight who are making a dry run at assembling a bomb on-board. Status: False. Really.