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AttackWatch misleads about Obama's immigration amnesty (Adam Serwer, Politifact) - 09/14/11

... buttress their claims: Serwer and Robert Farley of Politifact. While Robert Farley of Politifact has misled before, he doesn't appear to have done so in this case. Their use of Serwer is in the following: In the Washington Post, the American Prospect's Adam Serwer says President Obama’s immigration plan "is not amnesty." Do see the link in the paragraph above which discusses the post where...

Robert Farley of Politifact misleads about Obama certificate issue - 07/15/09

On July 1, Robert Farley of Politifact offered "White House spokesman Robert Gibbs "lied" when he said President Obama's birth certificate is posted on the Internet" [1] about an ad WorldNetDaily ran regarding a question Les Kinsolving asked at a press conference (described here). See [1] for the details; this post will detail how Farley is misleading and will provide yet more reasons not to...