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Questions about immigration reform for Reihan Salam - 01/24/13

Reihan Salam of National Review discusses Marco Rubio's amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform in general here and here. Here are some questions based on those posts. The reader is urged to ask Salam these questions in comments, on Twitter (@reihan), and at his personal appearances: 1. You say "[Marco Rubio's] approach reflects core conservatives priorities". Here are 10 reasons Marco Rubio...

Fiscal conservatives side with America-denouncing billionaire (Cato, Dan Mitchell, Heritage, Brownfield, Sean Medlock, Daily Caller, HotAir) - 05/11/12

... comes relatively cheap. UPDATE 6: Reihan Salam weighs in at National Review ( peekURL.com/zVNsk7R ). After promoting remittances and a Waterworld (?!) reference, he - like many others - blames our tax rates. He wants us to do more for people who have limited allegiance to the U.S.: When I argue that expatriates should not be taxed on income earned abroad, I am indeed thinking about the...