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Sen. Rand Paul: amnesty supporter from Kentucky

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is (as of late 2012) making noise about running for president in 2016. That would be a huge gift to the Democratic Party because Paul has some radical policy ideas. Those include (among many others):

* supporting "tough love" for the unemployed

* opposing raising taxes on yachts

* supporting devolving laws regulating mine safety to the states ( peekurl.com/zv8trp7 ). That's despite (or because of) the fact that states are much easier for coal companies to control than the federal government

* supporting mountain top removal ( peekURL.com/vTyj3tQ and peekURL.com/vPsDsLk ). On the last, he says "I don't think anyone's going to be missing a hill or two here or there".

Those are just a few of the policy-related ways the left would oppose him. Of course, there are plenty of trivial ways they'd oppose him too, and Paul wouldn't be able to do anything about those either.

At the same time, many on the right would oppose Rand Paul because he supports amnesty for illegal aliens.

All of Rand Paul's positions boil down to one overriding principle: helping the rich get richer with little or no concern for everyone else.

That explains his support for companies damaging the environment without having to pay for it (i.e., "socializing the costs and privatizing the profits").

It also explains his support for amnesty, something that would let corrupt businesses off the hook for past malfeasance. It would help those same companies and others lower American wages and safety standards.

Last modified Nov 27, 2012
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