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PRLDEF files human rights petition with Organization of American States against U.S. - 12/19/08

From this: A Latino advocacy group in New York has filed an international petition against the United States of America, charging that the government has fostered an anti-immigrant climate and then stood idly by as the human rights of Hispanics are violated. The allegations were brought by LatinoJustice PRLDEF -- a New York City group formerly known as the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund -- in a petition before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which is part of the Organization of American States... Theirs is a purely symbolic gesture, and the most that could come...

Bill Richardson still "special envoy" for Organization of American States - 05/23/07

In response to my query, Bill Richardson's communication director informs me: Governor Richardson has never "worked" for the OAS.

ACLU claims U.S. violating human rights obligations (OAS) - 11/02/06

The American Civil Liberties Association - which has at least one indirect link to the Mexican government - together with the National Employment Law Project and the Transnational Legal Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law [1] (run by Sarah Paoletti [2]) have filed [3] a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (part of the Organization of American States): find the United States in violation of its universal human rights obligations by failing to protect millions of undocumented workers from exploitation and discrimination in the workplace. The...

Mexico, 27 OAS nations declare opposition to border fence - 10/26/06

From our who cares department: Mexico, supported by 27 other nations, made a declaration at the Organization of American States slamming U.S. plans to build hundreds of miles (kilometers) of fence on its southern border.