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Amnesty fans cheer GOP, Teaparty mostly ignoring immigration to oppose Obamacare (NumbersUSA, Tea Party "Patriots") - 08/20/13

Jim Avila and Serena Marshall of ABC News enthusiastically offer "Obamacare Backlash Leaves Room for Immigration Reform to Breathe" ( ). It covers how those who should be opposing amnesty are either AWOL yet again, or aren't doing things correctly.

NumbersUSA, Steve King, Teaparty Patriots assist amnesty with weak immigration rally - 08/13/13

Yesterday, Numbers USA, Steve King, and the Tea Parties "Patriots" held an immigration rally in Richmond, Virginia that ended up helping those who favor an amnesty for illegal aliens.

The best way to help NumbersUSA stop amnesty (immigration, House, FAXes) - 07/14/13

Back in 2007, members of Numbers USA helped block amnesty by sending a million or so FAXes to Congress.

Marco Rubio leads smear campaign against anti-amnesty groups FAIR, NumbersUSA, and CIS (Mario Lopez, Alfonso Aguilar) - 02/14/13

From this:

A new battle has flared inside the Republican Party in recent days as supporters of more-liberal immigration laws wage a behind-the-scenes campaign to discredit the influential advocacy groups that have long powered the GOP's hard-line stance on the issue.

Very likely Rep. Trey Gowdy will help push immigration amnesty - 01/08/13

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina is the new head of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. Despite what you might hear from Gowdy and others, it looks like he's weak on comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty, aka some sort of large illegal alien legalization program).

A minor example of why illegal immigration continues and why amnesty is being considered - 12/04/12

I'll briefly give an example of a serious problem involved in opposing illegal immigration and amnesty.

Jane Timm (@janestreet) of MSNBC offers "Meet the Grover Norquist of the immigration debate" ( ), a hit piece on Roy Beck of Numbers USA.

GOP consultants: which Hispanic outreach approach is better? - 08/30/12

Here are some quick questions for GOP consultants, pundits, and other thought leaders. If you consult Republican politicians or are in a related field, please answer the questions below [1].

If that's not you, you can still help out by asking consultants the questions below.

If you're a consultant/pundit/etc., I'd like you to first take a look at these two approaches to Hispanic outreach:

Approach A:

*Any* form of DREAM Act would not serve the national interest - 06/11/12

Speaking about Marco Rubio's supposedly limited DREAM Act proposal, Roy Beck of Numbers USA says (link):

Lamar Smith might be weak on immigration (GOP DREAM Act?) - 12/24/10

Carrie Budoff Brown of Politico offers "Lamar Smith avoids hard line on immigration" [1]. Because we're dealing with definitions of those who aren't trustworthy (such as Brown), it's difficult to tell whether Smith will be weak on immigration matters or whether he just won't support nonsensical "boob bait for Bubba" policies.

Smith's first two hearings as head of the House Judiciary Committee will be about eVerify. However:

At the same time, he downplayed the key planks in the conservative immigration agenda... He won’t say when his committee plans to tackle birthright citizenship, the policy of granting citizenship to every child born in the country. He doesn’t want to talk about whether he will pursue reducing the level of legal immigration, family migration or work visas - all at the top of the wish list for anti-illegal-immigration advocates... “That is later on in this Congress; that is not our initial focus,” Smith said. “We don’t have any specific plans now in the early months to move on these issues. The focus is on creating jobs and protecting jobs.”

In the current environment, it isn't really possible to restrict birthright citizenship to those who have at least one citizen parent. Much groundwork would need to be done, specifically involving discrediting those groups that would oppose such a move. Few people with megaphones have shown any ability at discrediting groups like the American Civil Liberties Union. Further, restricting birthright citizenship, at least when proposed by those like Lindsey Graham, is just a political ploy.

Legal immigration is a different matter and is less prone to being emotionalized because those involved aren't physically present in the U.S. There is, however, a lot of money from those like Microsoft involved. It wouldn't be good for Smith to be weak on that, especially since the rationale the GOP appears to be using is to help with unemployment.

* Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies:

“If he is not willing to do it - there is a lot of public support for reducing legal immigration - he is going to find he will be pressured on that issue"... Camarota said he believes Smith is enough of a dealmaker that he might even consider a modified DREAM Act legalizing young immigrants, if it was coupled with a cut in legal immigration and stronger enforcement — although pro-immigrant advocates would be all but certain to dismiss it as a bad deal.

* Alfonso Aguilar

"People like to really vilify Lamar Smith, but he is not Tom Tancredo... He is someone who will not push legislation if he thinks it doesn’t have the wide support of the American people."

* Frank Sharry:

“He is a very disciplined politician, but he is also very ideological. He is very smart at having lots of smallish-looking measures that add up to a whole lot of harsh enforcement."

* Rep. Steve King:

"I read the Pledge to America. It wasn’t particularly moving... So, OK, they decided not to write the treatise that I would have on immigration. It wouldn’t be the first time that I worked on an agenda that wasn’t laid out for me. I can deal with that."

* Roy Beck of Numbers USA:

"We think there are a lot of issues in the Internet world that people get really excited about, and in many ways, it is a side show,” Beck said, referring specifically to cutting off benefits for illegal immigrants. “It is not as important as one thing, which is taking away the jobs. So if Lamar Smith is going to focus on keeping illegal aliens out of the jobs, that is more important than all the illegal immigration stuff put together."


Glenn Beck urges donations to illegal immigration-supporting U.S. Chamber of Commerce - 10/14/10

Earlier today, Glenn Beck urged his fans to donate to the US Chamber of Commerce, a group that strongly supports illegal and massive immigration. In 2006, GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner suggested that the Chamber register as a foreign agent due to what they support.

Isabel MacDonald admits Lou Dobbs didn't hire illegal aliens (The Nation) - 10/07/10

Earlier today, The Nation released an article called "Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite" (link) by independent "journalist" Isabel MacDonald of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

It's been taken by most to say that Dobbs employed or hired illegal aliens, when in fact a close reading shows she doesn't make that claim. In fact, there's no evidence in the article that he actually hired or employed illegal aliens: they were employed by others who did work for Dobbs or with whom Dobbs had a services contract. Thus, anyone who says that Dobbs hired or employed illegal aliens is at least making an unsupported claim and in some cases may be intentionally lying. (This is similar to past false stories about Mitt Romney and Tom Tancredo.)

Dobbs denies any such claims here. Further, Dobbs had MacDonald on his radio program earlier today (audio if it becomes available) and she admitted that she has no proof that he hired illegal aliens. Dobbs eviscerated her and showed just how much of a "reporter" she is.

And, Roy Beck of Numbers USA has this to say (link):

I had a few quick minutes to read it before going on the radio show to comment. But it immediately looked to me like the alleged illegal workers had been hired by a company with which Dobbs had contracted. That is, they had not been hired by Dobbs himself.

This was basically confirmed on the radio show when Macdonald said it isn't clear that Dobbs ever actually hired any of the workers who have told Macdonald that they are "undocumented" but have worked at Dobb's farm.

I made the point that it appears Dobbs has done nothing illegal. In fact, federal law basically prohibits people like you, me and Dobbs from asking workers about their legal status if they have been hired by an outside company.

So, if someone claims that Dobbs hired illegal aliens, send them this link and demand a correction.

The above isn't a defense of Lou Dobbs; see the link. Rather, this is yet another example of how you can't trust the illegal immigration-supporting establishment: they'll say most anything to protect their quest for money and power. They also have a great ability to get stories like this out there, with many willing to play along and few willing to ask questions.

Those who'll benefit from stories like this are corrupt banks, businesses, politicians, and countries. Someone like Isabel MacDonald might think she's "Fighting The Power", when all she's doing is helping "The Power" make more money and obtain more power.

UPDATE: An interview with Dobbs, MacDonald, and Lawrence ODonnell is at at which MacDonald says:

I will grant you that I don't have evidence that you directly, knowingly employed any undocumented worker. All I'm saying is that they labored on your property.

She also, of course, accuses him of hypocrisy. It's also clear from the video that they're attacking someone who's more on their side than on mine: Dobbs and MacDonald both generally support comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

UPDATE: And, here's how The Nation supports bad, anti-American policy.

Dave Neiwert channels Karl Rove: supports a race-based, anti-American labor system (hacendados) - 03/22/10

Far-left illegal immigration supporter David Neiwert of Crooks and Liars, in an interview with Roy Beck of Numbers USA, channeled the bugbear of the far-left, Karl Rove, supporting a race-based labor system. In the interview, Dave Niewert supported an anti-American system where Mexican workers would do the tough, dirty jobs while Americans would - paraphrasing - sit on their verandas watching them work, just like the hacienda system popular in countries to the south.

Recall back in early 2007 when Karl Rove said the following:

"I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas."

Now, compare that to the comments from Dave Neiwert in the interview: Dave Neiwurt says he worked his way through school doing manual labor, but a couple years afterwards he found out that his old boss had hired all Mexican workers:

"The team I was part of didn't show up for work... [the boss] couldn't find any willing to haul pipe, so he went and go Mexican laborers. They did ten times the job, they were five times more reliable, and they did it all for the same amount of pay."

That statement is not only anti-American in that he's running down American workers. It's also anti-Mexican: he thinks only Mexicans are capable of doing manual labor. Not only that, but he's supporting desperate people working for low wages. But there's more: David Neiwert later sounds exactly like Karl Rove:

I'm telling you... the American Dream is to advance your children... our parents wanted us to go to college, they wanted us to move up in the world.

Please compare that to what Karl Rove said back in 2007: there's no difference at all. Both are supporting the same, anti-American and anti-Mexican system. Or, compare David Niewert's comments to this form letter from a Houston business group:

I work in the construction business in Houston Texas. I am here to tell you that we cannot find enough American citizens willing to labor in the hot sun!

See Beck's comments on the video for more; he was able to present a counter-argument, although he didn't aggressively try to discredit Neiwert as I'd like.

NumbersUSA harassed at immigration march by far-left, open borders fascists - 03/22/10

Roy Beck of Numbers USA attended yesterday's pro-illegal immigration march, and you can watch the reception he received on the video at which is also attached right or below. On the video, persons dressed as mimes surrounded him as he attempted to speak to the camera and blew whistles at him in an attempt to shut him up. Not only that, but from their posting about the day's events (link):

After threatening Roy, the mimes were ordered by Park Police to remain between 7th and 14th streets. Then they huddled and one ran to Park Police claiming one of Roy's African American bodyguards had assaulted her. Park Police were forced to investigate and arrest the bodyguard pending investigation. You have seen the videos folks, the same ones we will provide to the police to clear this situation. Both Chad and Roy have been shoved, bumped, whistled and screamed at, etc. yet have not pushed back.

While at least one of those involved was wearing a Service Employees International Union shirt, the bit with the mimes was organized by the Center for New Community. In the video, Beck holds up a card from the CNC's far-left, anti-white "Imagine2050" campaign; the card says:

"Bigots are here to debate immigration/make like a mime/don't debate anti-immigrant trolls"

The mimes and their handlers are, not to put too fine a point on it, fascists. They don't support the American system of debate but instead seek to silence those who disagree. Needless to say, this is how the far-left operates throughout the U.S., whether they're disrupting public meetings, seeking to criminalize speech, or relatively minor things like referring to mainstream rightwing radio as "hate radio". And, of course, many bloggers on both the right and the left have a war against "trolls", where they too seek to silence those who disagree.

While it's good that Beck showed up for their event and may have shown some who aren't familiar with this issue who the other side is, attending street protests is largely a worthless endeavor. The much more effective way to do things is - of course - outlined on the question authority page.

UPDATE: Andrea Nill of ThinkProgress has the mimes' side of things at One of the mimes who pressed charges is Lena Graber, who may be the same person who's a policy associate at the National Immigration Forum, a considered-mainstream group ( While some of the things she says might cause a finder of fact to assume the bodyguard is in the wrong, other things cast a great deal of doubt on her statements. Namely, Nill says: "Graber explains that she and four other mimes followed Beck and his crew around for four hours in an effort to prevent Beck from picking a fight with demonstrators..." Obviously, Beck wasn't going to "pick a fight" with anyone; he's not a thug like they are.

Then, Nill says:

Another witness who did not want to be named confirmed Graber’s account and described the mimes’ behavior as “completely whimsical in nature — never threatening.” Both Graber and the witness confirmed that the "hateful whistles" were actually just small plastic whistles in the shape of a soccer ball.

What they were doing is trying to intimidate Beck and silence him; watch the video. They're little fascists, just like all the other little fascists throughout history in spirit if not in deed. The others, of course, went well beyond whistles, but it's not hard at all to see those like Lena Graber going further if given the chance. And, Andrea Nill is enabling their behavior.

"Fiscal conservatives" ignore (or support) massive and illegal immigration, despite the costs - 02/12/10

From Numbers USA (link):

For those of you whose primary political interest is stopping the growth of government or even shrinking it, you have to contend with national leaders who say they agree with you but who refuse to deal with immigration. They say immigration is a "social" issue that isn't related to government spending and deficit issues. They couldn't be more wrong...

...Even stranger is that this gargantuan driver of bigger and bigger government was promoted and continues to be supported by the Republican National Committee and by the Republican leadership of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Republican leaders every day castigate Pres. Obama for trying to bloat government, but Republican leaders resolutely refuse to even suggest that the government reduce its importation of welfare-using immigrants.

They also claim that "Roughly ONE-HALF of all immigrant households with kids are accessing the welfare system, especially food and Medicaid welfare".

While that focuses on the GOP, the same applies to libertarians and to other "fiscal conservatives", such as the tea parties and the "profits at any price" groups like Club for Growth.

Hundreds of thousands more foreign citizens got work permits than any stimulus jobs "created or saved" - 10/30/09

The Obama administration claims (link) that the stimulus plan "saved or created" about 650,000 jobs. Meanwhile, since the plan was enacted, 1,125,000 foreign workers have gotten work permits to work in the U.S. (whether green cards or temporary). That's almost a half a million difference, and not on the American side of the ledger.

The calculations are here:

*Each month, the feds give out about 160,000 first-time permanent and temporary work permits to working-age foreign citizens.

* The 160,000 working-age foreign citizens are divided almost equally into those getting permanent work permits through green cards and those getting temporary work permits each month.

* Of the immigrants aged 18-65 who get permanent work permits each month, about 35,000 of them were already working in the U.S. on previous temporary work permits.

* Thus, the NET figure is 160,000 minus 35,000 equals about 125,000 foreign citizens who are getting a work permit for the first time each month.

This would be a great thing to ask politicians about. In fact, it would be a great topic to ask anyone who discusses these issues from any side, whether pundits or bloggers.

Leith Anderson of NAE misled: NAE member Salvation Army is "neutral" on amnesty (update: even more don't sign on) - 10/19/09

[UPDATE BELOW] Last week, the National Association of Evangelicals passed a pro-comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) resolution, and Leith Anderson from that group - in Congressional testimony - strongly implied that all NAE members supported the resolution. His testimony included this:

We actually had a vote today on this resolution with leaders in the National Association of Evangelicals and there was no dissent... On the board there are 75 (members) who represent the head of denominations.

As it turns out, Leith Andersen was being misleading: the Salvation Army neither supports nor opposes the resolution, offering a statement with this:

*All* National Association of Evangelicals leaders support amnesty, massive immigration; how to take action; UPDATE: not all - 10/12/09

From Numbers USA (link):

Leaders of most of the nation's evangelical Christians made a shocking endorsement of illegal-alien amnesty today [Oct. 8] in Senate testimony.

Their spokesman -- the head of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) -- said high immigration is increasing membership in evangelical churches and is good for the economy...

...Rev. Leith Anderson, president of the NAE, was invited by Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.) to testify in favor of the Senate immigration chairman's push to create amnesty legislation this fall.

Sen. Schumer asked Rev. Anderson if many of his colleagues agree with his support for legalizing 12-20 million illegal aliens and increasing the legal immigration far higher than the 1 million a year current level (the two key components of "comprehensive immigration reform").

Rev. Anderson answered that there was no dissent in adopting the pro-amnesty resolution on the 75-member NAE board of directors.

There's a list of the denominations and their contact information at the link above, and NumbersUSA also suggests sending a link to "Most National Christian Leaders Declare War on Unemployed in Their Pews -- and on the street" (link) to your pastors and other religious leaders.

10/19/09 UPDATE: See Leith Anderson of NAE misled: NAE member Salvation Army is "neutral" on amnesty.

10/21/09 UPDATE: Anderson was being even more misleading: only 11 out of the 40 NAE member denominations have signed on. See the update at the previous link.

Grijalva bill might restrict Border Patrol in Arizona; contact your reps (H.R. 324) - 09/22/09

Numbers USA informs us (link) that Rep. Raul Grijalva's Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area Act (H.R. 324) "would cover a gigantic area of Arizona" - including illegal immigration corridors - but it doesn't provide for the Border Patrol:

The Border Patrol is increasingly being limited in its enforcement on various park lands. Promoters of illegal immigration inside the federal government seem to be on a trend of turning parks into sanctuaries for illegal alien traffic.

The fear is that the H.R. 324 designation will be used to prevent the Border Patrol from setting up communication towers, cameras, sensors and so on, on the massive land included under the bill.

Rep. Rob Bishop is sponsoring an amendment to correct that issue; I haven't reviewed it but - knowing Grijalva - one of the things he's trying to preserve is illegal immigration. Numbers USA has action you can take at the link.

Chuck Schumer to discuss outlines of his immigration "reform" plan today - 06/24/09

From this:

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who also chairs the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, will unveil an outline for an immigration reform bill on Wednesday that will likely detail a plan to offer amnesty to the nation's more than 11 million illegal aliens.

...Sen. Schumer plans to announce on Wednesday the principles that will guide the immigration reform bill that he plans to introduce to the Senate later this year. His announcement comes one day before Pres. Barack Obama will host Congressional leaders at the White House to discuss immigration reform.

UPDATE: See Schumer, Senate Democrats discuss their immigration plans, including a national ID card.

Obama admin to make it easier for illegal aliens to get stimulus, other government jobs? (e-Verify) - 06/12/09

Numbers USA says:

Informed sources are telling our Capitol Hill Team that the Obama Administration plans to announce today or tomorrow new orders and rules that will gut most of the improvements in fighting illegal immigration at the end of the Bush Administration...

We are told that (a potential) new Obama Executive Order will retain the language requiring contractors to verify new hires (using eVerify). But it will eliminate the language requiring them to verify all previously employed workers on the contract.

That means that all the illegal aliens already working for federal contractors can keep their jobs and unemployed Americans will not have a chance at them.

I talked with a former official of the Department of Homeland Security who said there has been buzz about filling the new Executive Order full of loopholes so that federal contractors can "launder" newly hired illegal aliens through a part of the company not doing federal contracts and then transfer them to the federal contract jobs without having to put them through E-Verify.

You can write your representatives, but the much, much better thing to do about this is to embarrass politicians on video over this issue. I posted that link almost four months ago, and maybe some time before the end of the universe someone will decide to actually do something effective.

E-Verify extended for six-months; Leahy, Reid block five-year extension - 03/10/09

A six month extension for the EVerify program was successfully added to the omnibus spending bill, but an amendment from Sen. Jeff Sessions to extend it for five years was blocked through the machinations of Patrick Leahy.

Lobbying for immigration "reform" - 01/29/07

Mike Madden of Gannett News has a brief round-up of the money that was spent lobbying for and against immigration "reform" in 2005 and the first part of 2006 here.

According to a Gannett study, $3.3 million was spent in that period, and most of that was the pro side. They also mention the Center for Responsive Politics. Their raw data is here, but it looks like some of the dollar figures might include all lobbying an organization does, not just that related to immigration.

A sidebar shows some of those lobbying for and against the Senate amnesty. On the against side were NumbersUSA, National Border Patrol Council, U.S. Border Control, and Federation for American Immigration Reform with almost a million total.

On the for side were:
E. & J. Gallo Winery: $20,000

American Immigration Lawyers Association: $85,000

National Association of Manufacturers: $60,000

Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform: $430,000 (members included National Council of La Raza, Service Employees International Union, UNITE Here, National Immigration Forum)

Essential Worker Immigration Coalition: $180,000

Chicago Celts for Immigration Reform: less than $10,000