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March 10 Committee - 10/30/07

Also known as the March 10 Movement, March 10 Coalition, Diez de Marzo Committee.

Home page at

At their site, they declare their unconditional support for Elvira Arellano as well as all other "immigrants" who are in the process of being deported. They also call on all those immigrants who are being deported to apply for asylum and to seek asylum in local churches.

They also oppose employer sanctions and programs to check the SSNs of employees.

March 25 Coalition Statement - 10/30/07

From the March 25 Coalition PDF dated [[April 4, 2006]]

The massive March 25 demonstration in Los Angeles of well over one million undocumented workers, legal residents and their supporters-along with protests and walkouts throughout the United States-is irrefutable evidence that a new Civil Rights and workers' rights movement is on the rise.

March 25 Coalition - 10/30/07

Organized the [[March 25, 2006]] rally in Los Angeles and helped organize the nationwide Great American Boycott of [[May 1, 2006]]. Their March 25 Coalition Statement reveals that members include the head of ANSWER, the head of the L.A. chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, and many others.

Casa de Maryland provides "safety plan", legal advice for illegal aliens - 04/15/07

Casa de Maryland is an odious taxpayer-funded group that operates day laborer hangouts and takes other actions to support illegal immigration.

Now, in collaboration with the Detention Watch Network and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyer's Guild they offer a pamphlet entitled "WARNING! Protect yourself from Immigration raids!" (PDF file). One of the authors appears to be one Julie Dahlstrom.

To a certain extent, this might not be that objectionable. After all, even illegal aliens are protected by various laws, and some of the advice in there applies to legal immigrants. However, as could be expected from the sources, they crank it up a few notches and reveal that their goal is helping illegal aliens stay here. Along the way, they feature cute graphics of big-eyed poor defenseless Hispanics being oppressed by law officers, all of whom appear to be either white or black.

And, there's the section "Develop a safety plan":

Talk with your co-workers to see if they are willing to make a collective decision that everyone - regardless of their immigration status - will remain silent and ask to speak with an attorney in the event of a workplace raid...

And, the "Reforma Migratoria" and "Opportunities for all" banners on the final page are a bit of a giveaway that their concerns involve helping illegal immigrants stay here rather than, for instance, encouraging them to return home.

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Coalition plans May Day actions (2007) - 03/18/07

"Coalition plans May Day actions"/[[February 8, 2007]]/Minnie Bruce Pratt and LeiLani Dowell/Workers World/ link

In an historic development in the U.S. immigrant rights struggle, a coalition of national organizations met in Los Angeles on Feb. 3-4 to plan and coordinate the "Great American Boycott II" for May 1.

Tamar Jacoby on the Kennedy-McCain mass amnesty - 05/14/05

Tamar Jacoby has issued the following statement:
We the undersigned applaud the introduction today of Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act... [etc. etc...]
The signatories include:

Lee Culpepper (last mentioned here; works for the National Restaurant Association and is Chairman of the National Immigration Forum)

Jack Kemp

Grover Norquist

Rick Swartz:
And then there's the National Immigration Forum, the umbrella organization for high-immigration political advocacy, which works closely with sympathetic Republicans. But NIF is not like the conventional lobbying coalitions that exist on numerous issues. It was cofounded by the National Lawyers Guild in the 1980s, back when the Guild was a Soviet front group. The group's first head was Rick Swartz, a leftist attorney who cut his teeth advocating for Haitian illegal aliens and who, during a 1981 Senate hearing, likened the United States to Nazi Germany.

Like many lobbying coalitions, the NIF board includes representatives of Republican stalwarts like the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the National Restaurant Association, and used to include Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute, now head of the Club for Growth. Whatever his libertarian views on immigration, I imagine Steve hightailed it out of there after he realized what he'd gotten into, because the people sitting around the conference table at NIF board meetings include some decidedly unsavory characters. In addition to the usual leftist suspects — the ACLU, the Service Employees Union, Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute — the NIF board includes the head of the immigration lawyers' association, one Jeanne Butterfield, who used to be executive director of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, identified by the Anti-Defamation League as an alliance between members of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and the Workers World party (the Trotskyites behind the Iraq War protests)...
You'll note that the signatories are almost the same group as those who signed the "Conservative" Statement of Principles on Immigration from over a year ago.

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