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National Hispanic Media Coalition

Leftwing group that puts pressure on the media to feature Hispanics on TV programs and the like. Apparently formed out of a loose coalition who met at MALDEF's office sometime in the 80s (nhmc.org/President'sMessage06.htm).

Former member of the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission's Media Image Coalition; at the time of membership, this was their blurb (lahumanrelations.org/programs/mic/MediaImageMembersDetail.htm):

The [NHMC]'s goals are 1) to improve the image of Hispanic-Americans as portrayed by the media and 2) to increase the number of Hispanic-Americans employed in all facets of the media industry. To accomplish these goals, the NHMC leadership meets with general managers of local radio and television stations, Network presidents and Chief Executive Officers involved in newspaper and film. To date, the NHMC has filed more than 100 petitions with the Federal Communications Commission to deny the licenses of radio and television stations nationwide. It has also led demonstrations against entities that insist on depicting the Hispanic community through negative and offensive stereotypes.

A more ground-level view of that is offered by their president, Alex Nogales (nhmc.org/nota04.htm):

...[Univision] didn't [put on the children's programming they wanted] for about three months after the day that we had talked about, and it cost them in excess of $250,000. We couldn't take that money, so we gave it to MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund], and we gave it to these scholarship organizations. This is what you can do with the power of the courts in this nation...

See also the unhinged rant from Nogales here.

Last modified Feb 3, 2009
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