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Dozens of pro-illegal immigration groups were invited to Obama's mini-amnesty rollout and you weren't - 08/25/11

... Agenda: Lillian Rodriguez Lopez * National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference: Samuel Rodriguez * Zuraya Tapia Hispanic National Bar Association * Simone Campbell NETWORK Lobby * Julie Kruse Immigration Equality * David Smith Human Rights Council * Brad Jacklin National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce

List of attendees at Napolitano meeting, Part 2 - 08/20/09

... of Jewish Women Elissa Froman National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Rev. Dr. Angel Nunez Presbyterian Church USA Julia Thorne Sojourners Rev. Jim Wallis U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Ryan Dwyer Union AFL CIO (Paul Almeida, Ana Avendano, Arlene Baker, Building and Construction Trades Department: Robert Pleasure, American Federation of Government Employees: T.J. Donner)...

"Reform Immigration For America": business, labor, CAP, NCLR, CHIRLA begin new push; summit, townhall meeting; John Quigley - 06/01/09

A new group called "Reform Immigration For America" recently launched in order to push for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. They're a coalition of business, labor, and far-left/racial power groups; see their slick site here: reformimmigrationforamerica.org. A surprising variety of amnesty hacks this side of raving extremist (or thereabouts) is involved with their organization; see [...

"Tour of the Faithful": Catholic Church, others try to change immigration laws (America's Voice) - 09/13/08

... Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Dr. Jim Ryan, Council Executive, Colorado Council of Churches The Most Reverend Bishop John C. Wester, Archdiocese of Salt Lake City and Chair of Committee on Migration and Refugee Services for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform to oppose Lou Barletta (Jim Wallis backgrounder) - 04/17/08

... Mennonite Church U.S.A. and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference - that favor a path to citizenship for people in the country illegally. ...Wallis was an anti-Vietnam War activist in the mid- to late 1960s. He's been arrested numerous times for "civil disobedience." "Sojourners" began as "Post-American," an anti-capitalist magazine that criticized American foreign policy and...

CNN Democratic Candidates Compassion Forum: no immigration questions - 04/14/08

... and Samuel Rodriguez [1] of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and despite the high profile that religious leaders have in promoting amnesty. And, that's despite the fact that those leaders continually engage in false compassion to push their case. The hosts were Campbell Brown and Newsweek editor Jon Meacham, and sponsors were Faith in Public Life, the ONE Campaign, and...

Dr. Richard Land wants to hear from you about immigration matters - 03/29/07

... Rodriguez, Executive Director of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference... Senators Kennedy, Menendez, Graham and Salazar, and Representatives Gutierrez and Flake." There are videos of the confab here: blog.faithinpubliclife.org/2007/03/faith_and_congressional_leader.html That page has a comments form, and I suggest leaving comments on that and other entries designed to show how...