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Which Guillaume's Pick do you prefer? - 11/01/09

This week, Guillaume - Team 24Ahead's Director of "Getting You The Information You Need" - has selected not just one but two Picks for you, and he wants to know which you prefer in order to help him in future choices. The first is video of Gael Lorcy (link) and the An Ael Kwartet singing a spirited version of a Breton folk song. The second is a different video. An informal poll here at Team 24Ahead Team Headquarters shows most leaning towards the first, but now we want to know which you prefer.

What do you think about last night's SocratiDunk? - 09/24/09

Did anyone see last night's SocratiDunk? It was really good, with Lou Holtz first squaring off with Christie Hefner, and clearly beating her with a series of tough questions, each one building on the last. Then, for the second part of that round, Jonah Goldberg squared off - and was trounced by - Meghan McCain. You know what that means! Lionel Chetwynd's first throw hit the mark but wasn't strong enough, but the second one was and... "Into the Tank!" Goldberg went.

It's Labor Day and I want you to celebrate my labors - 09/07/09

Initially I was going to offer a Labor Day post in the usual, "wacky" style. You know: I was going to talk about the "Team 24Ahead Team Picnic", refer to completely made-up people, and imply that I not only used child labor but that I overworked them at the 24Ahead lead smelter. But, then I realized: I'm labor too. Every single day, I labor away to bring you the information you need. No, it isn't "Guillaume", or "Gwendolynne Fritz-Ruffala" (a transparent parody of Garance Franke-Ruta). No, it's me. I am your laborer, and this is my day. Accordingly, I decided instead to ask you to click the...

Now, Keith Olbermann is going after Guillaume! - 09/06/09

The entire "blogosphere" was rocked earlier today when MSNBC host Keith Olbermann blogged for help digging up dirt on Guillaume! ( I want to take this moment to make clear that Guillaume is a treasured member of Team 24Ahead, no matter how much mud "Olby" wants to sling.

Let's figure out the logistics of this - 08/07/09

Could you carry one of those around with you, like in a customized external frame backpack? I got one of those at a yardsale and considered creating a bike carrier out of it. Would something like that work, perhaps with a carrier designed to transfer as much weight as possible over the legs? Because, otherwise, turning would be difficult due to the centrifugal force leading to unsteadiness. Not to mention the possibility of flipping back over unless one maintained a constant forward-leaning posture. Of course, that assumes that one would carry it perpendicularly to the back.

Receiving tapes makes me feel important - 08/04/09

Northern California new age-ish folk singer Allette Brooks recently saw my video "If Polar Bears Were Humans" (link) and sent me a copy of her latest CD suggesting I might want to use her anti-global warming track "Lost the Shore" on that or a future video. I believe she knows my video was a bit of a satire and she was chiding me a bit. But, that's OK: I need chiding.

Hey! That's my desktop background! - 07/22/09

How'd they get that picture? Does anyone else know about that secret location with the tall standing stones? As for what she's singing, my Russki's a little rusty, but I think it has something to do with coming from the land of the ice and the snow; vodka; wolves; sleighrides; vodka; glorifying the conquerers of the eastern reaches; the rise and fall of Communism; Yuri Andropov; and vodka.

For the record, Guillaume denies being a Communist - 06/27/09

Last week, Guillaume's Pick was a video of a no-talent who chipmunkizes his voice. This week, Guillaume has taken the opposite tack of choosing a playlist featuring someone who's actually talented with a great voice. However, this time his choice is even more offensive and, while he denies it, I strongly suspect that Guillaume is a Communist.

There's room on the National Mall... - 05/31/09

OK, maybe that's going too far. However:

Some nifty ones from British TV - 04/03/09

I made a playlist just for you: The first video is from a 1990 appearance for the Hope Chest compilation that came out that year (buy it here) featuring remixes of songs recorded in 1982-83:

The glockenspiel finally makes it listenable - 03/03/09

Maybe one day someone will make a listenable version of Luka. The original is here.

Does being wrong about minor matters really matter all that much? - 01/26/09

The first is from January 1, 2007 at the inauguration of Eliot Spitzer. Few could have predicted the scrapes he'd subsequently get into. Unfortunately, it's only 39 seconds, but the sound isn't that bad.

Unsigned 40+-targeting New Zealand-living former Russian Mezzo Soprano of The Week - 05/09/08

Congratulations! Team Lonewacko has selected this week's Unsigned 40+-targeting New Zealand-living former Russian Mezzo Soprano of The Week, and it's none other than Yulia Townsend! While she could not be reached for comment she is most assuredly proud of her award:

Friday Fun Link - 06/01/07

Who knew Youtube would actually have a few things worth watching: