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Morris Dees of the SPLC

Morris Dees heads the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left organization that, among other things, works to enable illegal immigration. Posts specifically about Dees are below; see the previous link for dozens of posts about that organization together with links to outside sources.

Last modified Aug 7, 2010
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Southern Enrichment Law Center: pics of Morris Dees' house - 08/07/10

... Famous"-style article about the manse of Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Misleading about immigration and related topics and enabling illegal immigration has been very good for the SPLC and also very good for Dees himself, as can be seen in the photos (link; article formerly located here; via this). Knick knacks to be found in the pictures include a decorative rickshaw, some sort...

SPLC: DHS rightwing extremist report mentions them and "tracks" theirs "fairly closely" (Harry Smith; +two errors) - 04/16/09

... with the report, but his boss Morris Dees. Speaking on yesterday's CBS News Early Show, Dees told a fawning Harry Smith that "I think they sync up pretty much", referring to an SPLC report claiming an increase in hate groups. Needless to say, Smith didn't point out that the SPLC has a fundraising interest in "hate", a word that they very broadly define. A transcript is at [1], and the SPLC crows...