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Dozens of pro-illegal immigration groups were invited to Obama's mini-amnesty rollout and you weren't - 08/25/11

... (communications, consultants) * Monica Lozano Impremedia UNION: * AFL CIO: Richard Trumka, Maria Elena Durazo, Ana Avendano, Andy DiBittito * UFCW: Joe Hansen * UNITE HERE: John Wilhelm * Service Employees International Union: Eliseo Medina, Gebe Martinez (former "journalist"), Josh Bernstein, Mary Kay Henry, Sylvia Ruiz RELIGIOUS: * Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: Gideon Aranoff, Mark Hetfield *...

NCLR letter for DREAM Act misleads (Richardson, Villaraigosa, Linda Chavez, Lionel Sosa) - 12/16/10

... Promerica Bank) * America Ferrera * Monica Lozano * Federico Pena * Bill Richardson * Solomon D. Trujillo (U.S.-born business executive who led an Australian company but who left that country in disgrace) [1] huffingtonpost.com/ janet-murguia/latino-leaders-urge-the-u_b_797766.html

Illegal immigration-supporting Andrea Bazan is new Chairwoman of National Council of La Raza - 06/18/08

... vile racist. She's replacing Monica Lozano, publisher of the La Opinion newspaper; whether Lozano will continue on the board isn't known. Per hispanicbusiness.com/news/2008/6/18/hispanic_leader_takes_dc_post_bazn.htm: Bazan, 40, has become a prominent advocate since moving to North Carolina nearly 20 years ago. In 1995, still in her late 20s, she helped found (El Pueblo North Carolina),...