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Palatine Teaparty opposes Illinois DREAM Act (for completely wrong reasons) - 05/09/11

Illinois' state Senate recently passed a state version of the DREAM Act; the bill is designed to make it easier for illegal aliens to attend college (and, it's not the same as the national bill; see [1]). One Tea Parties group in that state is opposing it, but for the completely wrong reasons; see below.

Sandeep Gopalan misleads, shows fallacy of comprehensive immigration reform - 01/13/10

Sandeep Gopalan of the National University of Ireland takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to promote a European Union-wide amnesty program in "Fixing Europe's Immigration Problem/ Without reforms across the European Union, the Italian race riots will prove only a hint of the darkness to come" (link).

Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee wimps out over Jim Gilchrist appearance, not smart enough to debate - 10/16/09

Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project was scheduled to speak at a Harvard University immigration conference tomorrow. However, he's now been disinvited by the group that organized the event, the Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee (hcs.harvard.edu/~legalcom). Per them (link):

"Mr. Gilchrist’s participation in the conference on the behalf of the Minutemen Project was not compatible with providing an environment for civil, educational, and productive discourse on immigration, and we cannot host him at this time."

In other words, they're either far-lefties who don't appreciate open debate and/or far-lefties who don't appreciate open debate put pressure on them and they caved. They're also implicitly admitting that they aren't smart enough to show how they think Gilchrist is wrong.

Per Gilchrist (link):

"For almost six months student sponsors of Harvard’s Public Interest and Law Conference have planned for my appearance at Harvard University, but the minute they received threats from fellow students these pre-law students shied away from defending free speech... That future graduates of the most renowned university in the world are literally afraid to support the very cornerstone of the foundation of our nation, namely ‘free speech,’ ought to frighten anyone looking to America as the beacon of liberty, freedom, and justice for all."

I'm not a tremendous fan of either him or of Chris Simcox; illegal immigration can be reduced much more simply than with fences and civilian patrols by using leverage (discrediting politicians in order to force them to do their jobs; see the question authority summary). However, he should be allowed to speak and Harvard students should be grown-up enough to engage him in debate. Obviously, those students are lacking in various ways.

Please send polite emails to the two contacts for the Legal Committee: Dwight Pope (dbpope*at*fas.harvard.edu) and Ada Pema (adapema*at*fas.harvard.edu).

UPDATE: One of the little fascists who helped get Gilchrist disinvited is Harvard student Kyle de Beausset. He lamely tries to defend his actions at citizenorange.com/orange/2009/10/i-am-one-of-the-unnamed-anarch.html and he also appeared on Fox News with Juan Williams and basically just repeated what he wrote at the link. Even Williams could have shown de Beausette for what he is, if he had had more time. As it was, most people will have seen why those like Kyle de Bossette would not want to debate their opponents but instead try to silence them: he'd lose against anyone who's even slightly skilled at debating.

Minutemen protest Joe Baca, get smeared; what they should have done - 12/19/08

From this:
Members of the Minuteman Project on Thursday protested in front of Rep. Joe Baca's district office, urging the Democratic congressman to oppose a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

A small group carried "No Amnesty" and "No Guest Worker Program" signs and waved American flags during the protest at E and Second streets...
The impact this will have will be small. Perhaps some other of his constituents might have seen them and might decide not to vote for him, but that's about it. And, he wasn't even in his office at the time (they had re-scheduled the event). But, at least they got their event in the paper, right? Except, the reporter quotes Baca as saying:
"They hate the fact that the demographics of our society are changing... They're not trying to solve problems. We have to deal with the reality that the (immigration) system is broken. People are still here. People have to come out of the shadows. It's not going to happen unless we address it."
Then, the reporter dutifully got an MMP representative to deny that they're racists. All completely predictable, and all of it solving nothing.

The smarter way to have done things would have been for the MMP to think up really tough questions for Baca that would make him look bad. Not rants, but questions. Then, they should have asked him those questions on video and uploaded it to Youtube.

The goal would be to show him up for a national audience, have an impact on his career, and send a message to the others.

Dana Milbank lies, misleads, smears (Tancredo) - 12/23/07

The Washington Post doesn't appear to be sore losers about the failure of immigration "reform". They recently published a vile column from Harold Meyerson and a similar editorial. Now comes Dana Milbank with "Hasta La Vista" (link) about Rep. Tom Tancredo dropping his presidential bid. The problems start with the title, a childish attempt at irony. The running theme throughout is that Tancredo is angry; in fact he uses that word four times. Why is he an "angry man"?

We know this because he has proposed dropping bombs on Mecca. We know this because he sang "Dixie" at a South Carolina gathering full of Confederate flags and white supremacists. And we know this because he wants to expel 12 million people now living in the United States.

The first sentence was only the ultimate response to nukes having gone off in several U.S. cities. The second is discussed here and here. The third might imply that he supports mass deportations, when in fact he doesn't. Milbank then goes on to mock the fact that there were only 18 supporters when he made his announcement. Then:

In response to questions, he admitted he was pulling out to help defeat somebody he dislikes more than an undocumented Mexican in the desert: former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, the new Republican front-runner here with what Tancredo called an "abysmal" record of "inviting" illegal immigrants.

I don't think Tancredo would actually "dislike" someone who's trying to cross the desert into the U.S., he just doesn't want them to do it. On the other hand, the Washington Post's support for illegal immigration plays a part in encouraging people to try to cross the desert, despite the fact that thousands have died while trying. And, of course, Huck has promoted and enabled illegal immigration such as by helping Mexico to build a consulate in his state. Then, it's on to a lie:

Never mind that Huckabee was tough enough on immigration to win the support of the border-vigilante Minuteman Project.

The support only came from Jim Gilchrist himself, not any groups using that name. After discussing an admittedly stupid video that Tancredo released (youtube.com/watch?v=n5GUCQAdlxg), it's Milbank's turn to admit why he's the one who's angry:

"It's beyond anybody's wildest expectations that we have been able to, with the help of America, really, get our national leaders to pay attention to the issue," declared Candidate Two Percent... He boasted, with some validity, that his candidacy helped lead "nearly every Republican presidential candidate to commit themselves to an immigration plan that calls for securing our borders." It's true: As his rivals coopted his nativist positions -- even if just rhetorically -- Tancredo became a victim of his own success.

UPDATE: The technicalities of the Gilchrist endorsement are described here:

it is important to note that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), the nation's largest Minuteman organization, is a 501(C)4 non-profit organization and cannot and does not endorse any candidate for public office. MCDC is not associated with Mr. Jim Gilchrist, who today endorsed Mike Huckabee for president. Jim Gilchrist's erstwhile Minuteman Project is itself an organization which by its own representations as a non-profit civic group cannot legally endorse candidates. It does not have any volunteers who observe illegal border activity. It has no border fence building projects. Jim Gilchrist here speaks only for Jim Gilchrist, he does not speak for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, nor is he nationally representative of most patriots in the "Minuteman movement" – who under no circumstances could ignore the failed record nor endorse the duplicitous "plan" recently rolled out by candidate Mike Huckabee. The national media needs to recognize that Jim Gilchrist's endorsement is his own personal statement, nothing more.

National Latino Congreso: "No Human Being is Illegal", Nativo Lopez, Gil Cedillo, Kucinich, Cuban Five, Fairness Doctrine, and more! - 10/07/07

The 2nd annual "National Latino Congreso" - a meeting of hundreds of "Latino organizational leaders, elected officials, and activists at all levels" is currently underway in Los Angeles (latinocongreso.org). Yesterday, Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offered a whitewashed report here. Let's take a look at the groups involved and some of the loony resolutions that were passed. Expect the MSM coverage to be in line with Gorman's report: it will completely cover for far-left racial demagogues and avoid mentioning the loony resolutions.

Their "conveners' include:

* League of United Latin American Citizens
* Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (indirect link to the Mexican government)
* National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC)
* National Day Laborer Organizing Network
* Southwest Voter Registration Education Project
* William C. Velasquez Institute

Their "co-conveners" include the California Nurses Association, Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, and the Mexican American Political Association. Both the latter are associated with Nativo Lopez. They have 226 "endorsers", so discussing all of those would take a lot of time. But, one is the Communist Party USA, and most of the rest are far-left racial power groups.

The sheer number and sheer idiocy of the resolutions that were approved makes them likewise too difficult to cover in detail, however, they include:

* "No Human Being is Illegal" by Raul Anorve of "Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California" (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=41). If it were made U.S. law we would have literally open borders since we couldn't conduct immigration raids anymore and illegal aliens would have "full civil rights". It contains several grammatical mistakes and ends with:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the that organizations represented by delegates of the 2007 National Latino Congreso urge the United States pass socially just legalization, including full labor and civil rights protections and family reunification; to place a moratorium on immigration raids, detentions and deportations, as well as their eventual abolition; and... [the NLC urges] the United States demilitarize the border, immigration control, and end immigration-police collaboration; to support initiatives and policies that ensure healthy and stable communities, including living wage jobs for all immigrants, working people and people of color... [the NLC urges] the United States redistribute funding and resources away from prison-building, policing and criminalization to social, health and education services, family reunification, ending the backlog in visas and applications for permanent residency and citizenship, and full civil and labor rights protections for all persons, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status.

Bear in mind: they approved that and all the other resolutions to be discussed.

* "Resolution to Urge the Bush Administration to Halt Immigration Raids" by Pablo Martinez of New Mexico LULAC (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=22). It's moderate by comparison to the last, but that's not saying much.

* "Resolution to Urge Congress to Repeal 287 (g) and Restructure Federal Funding to Target Drug Enforcement Operations and Place a Civilian Oversight Committee" by ibid (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=21).

* "Fair, Humane and Rational Immigration Reform" by Nativo Lopez of Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=45). As you might guess, it's a very bad idea, and includes him calling for enactment of the "Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform".

* "Resolution on the Five Cuban Political Prisoners" by Alicia Jrapko of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=12). When I said far-left, I meant it.

* "Support for Puerto Rico Self Determination" by Pablo Martinez of LULAC (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=96).

* "Unconstitutional Towing and Driver's License Resolution" by Gil Cedillo (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=26). It uses that possibly inaccurate recitation of events as a vehicle to support driver's licenses for illegal aliens; I wonder why they didn't just come right out and support that explicitly.

* "Decreasing the National Hispanic Dropout Rate Supporting the DREAM Act" by Luis Avila of the Somos America Coalition (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=129).

* "Restore the Fairness Doctrine Act", ibid, (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=126).

* "RESOLUTION TO DEMAND THAT THE U.S. SUPREME COURT HEAR THE CASE OF THE U.S. CITIZEN CHILDREN OF UNDOCUMENTED PARENTS" from Mr. Emma Lozano [sic] supposedly of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=125). She may be a part of that group, or that might be a mistake; the URL is to somosunpueblo (with an extra 's'):

[The NLC demands] that the U.S Supreme Court hear the Class Action Suit of the 5 million U.S. Citizen Children to prevent the enforcement of the removal of their parents fro the United States without first giving the children a fair opportunity to obtain a remedy for their hardship and redress for the implicit violation of their civil rights.

* 'Formal Position and Statement Denouncing Vigilantism of the "Minutemen Project"' by Yuri Jimenez of Kucinich For President 2008 (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=62):

WHEREAS the Minutemen Project encourages and incites hatred, violence, racism and discrimination in border States... THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the organizations represented by delegates of the 2007 National Latino Congreso formally denounce the Minutemen Project, and further declare their position that the Project promotes violence, hatred, racism and discrimination which are not representative traits of the honorable and just American society that has a rich legacy of immigration and inclusiveness.

The other Kucinich resolution approved condemned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's illegal immigration hotline (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=56).

Karina Garcia - 10/03/07

Political Chair of Chicano Caucus at Columbia University

Involved in melee that ended speech by Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project at Columbia University on [[October 4, 2006]] ( video).

Special PSL public forum on immigrant rights - 09/21/07


picture of flyer

Promotes a "special public forum on immigrant rights" which was to be held on [[October 20, 2006]] in New York City. Tag lines: "Build a movement to fight back!", "Stop government and Minutemen attacks!"

Lists just the following as "guest speakers":

Rallies sound immigration drumbeat - 02/21/07

Deseret News/[[September 5, 2006]]/Shia Kapos/ link

BATAVIA, Ill. -- Spirited groups of immigrant rights supporters rallied in Illinois and Arizona on Monday ([[September 4, 2006]]) in marches intended to keep the drumbeat going for changes in immigration law.

Kyrsten Sinema anti-Minuteman Project bill voted down - 02/05/07

Far-left loon and Arizona state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema recently introduced a bill that would have outlawed the Minuteman Project and similar groups and have them labeled "domestic terrorists". (That earned her the prestigious honor of being selected for our first "Working For Mexico, Or Just Acts Like It?" post).

As could be expected, it was voted down in their Homeland Security and Property Rights Committee by a vote of 7 to 3. All the Republicans voted against it, and they were joined by Democrat Cloves Campbell.

Sinema voted for her own bill, and she was joined by fellow Democrats Steve Gallardo and Tom Prezelski.

I don't know how this happened, but:

Sinema ultimately conceded to [Chris Simcox] that she had no evidence that members of his organization are racists.

And, as could be expected, neither Sinema nor Gallardo are whizzes at that "logical reasoning" thing:

And Rep. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, said some groups, although he wasn't naming them, are dangerous, as shown by hate mail and threats to Sinema and other legislators who don't see border and immigration issues the same way... At one point, Sinema asked Simcox if he was concerned because the first group ever to patrol the border in this country was the Ku Klux Klan...

Obviously, what they term "hate mail" may in fact simply be those who disagree and do so in a manner that causes ultra-sensitive lefties to get the faints. And, those who support something cannot be held responsible for the actions of others who support the same thing but do so in a manner with which the first group doesn't approve. And, of course, the last statement attributed to her above is guilt by association.

WFMOJALI: Kyrsten Sinema (Minutemen as "domestic terrorists") - 01/19/07

Welcome to yet another premiere, this time of the new WFMOJALI feature. Those initials stand for "Working For Mexico, Or Just Acts Like It?" On the one hand I don't think it's that likely that those to be featured are actually being paid by that government. But, on the other hand, it's difficult to tell the difference between their actions and those that an actual Mexican agent would perform.

Let's kick it off with Arizona state representative Kyrsten Sinema, a member of the Democratic Party and a former Green. Back in 2005 she was part of an ACLU of Arizona team which were "monitoring" the Minuteman Project, during which she tried to claim that Sean Hannity - there for a photo op - was an illegal alien because he'd stepped over the border. He'd actually stepped into a yard-wide buffer zone.

Apparently not forgiving or forgetting the ACLU being shown to be the illegal immigration-supporting fools that they are, she's now back with HB 2286. It would define "domestic terrorism" like so:


In Arizona you can openly carry weapons, and that description would fit not only some Minuteman Project volunteers, but perhaps even security companies, neighborhood watches, and even ranchers. There's probably an excellent chance it would be declared unconstitional.

And, Sinema is also working with David Lujan and Steve Gallardo to try to clarify Arizona's new anti-smuggling law. Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has been arresting and trying to prosecute illegal aliens for smuggling themselves into the U.S. under that law. The sponsor of the original law, Rep. Jonathan Paton, says it was meant to be applied just to the smugglers. However, his original intent is probably not the major consideration in Sinema's, and Lujan's, and Gallardo's effort.

UPDATE: Sinema responds to the broadness of her proposal here:

"Block watches are neighborhood groups that coordinate on a regular basis with law enforcement officials in their state... But we don't have block-watch people who strap on their weapons, put a flag in their hat, and then go and sit on the street who is going to shoot the person who is going to jaywalk."

And, of course, you don't have Minuteman Project volunteers who do that either. If they had, rest assured that illegal immigration supporters would have never let us forget it. If they did, that's why we have other laws.

Arnoldo Torres, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Latino outreach director - 11/21/06

The largely wrong and illogical article "Schwarzenegger gains among Latinos" by Aurelio Rojas will be featured here later, but for now consider this interesting snippet:

More on the Chicago NAIR meeting from Workers World - 08/22/06

Around August 11, a few hundred illegal immigration supporters met near Chicago and created the "National Alliance for Immigrant Rights". One of their leaders is an official with Mexico's PRD party, and the article "Immigrant rights activists meet near Chicago" from Workers World has a little bit more on who's involved and what they want: workers.org/2006/us/immigrant-rights-0824

Of course, it's necessary to take what they write with a grain of salt because the article contains things that could have been written by chief reactionary George Bush himself:
Nineteen Minutemen vigilantes stood outside the conference at one point, their racist, pro-slavery Confederate flags flying, their anti-immigrant signs resting on their paunches.
Struggling bravely on, we're informed that:
Former Young Lord Vincente "Panama" Alba of New York's May 1 Coalition added that the immigrant communities were facing serious crises in food and housing, raids and arrests by police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The Women's Caucus resolution, unanimously accepted, called for a defense of the rights of women as workers and mothers. Women face exploitation as domestic workers, and confront the cruelty of the international sex trade, rape and brutality from police and the Border Patrol.
But not, apparently, from coyotes.
After a short struggle, resolutions supporting the Gulf Coast evacuees and against the war in the Middle East were passed. The resolution presented by New York and Los Angeles activists on Katrina reads in part: to "support the right of return, right to housing, and the right to jobs for African American, immigrant, and poor white workers, the survivors of Katrina and Rita, in the Gulf Region."

A teacher from Los Angeles' March 25th Coalition said, "To immigrant students nothing is given, but they sacrifice everything in wars for a government who despises them."

Ignacio Meneses from Detroit said many immigrants in Michigan are people of Middle Eastern backgrounds, facing detentions and deportation every day. "Failure to oppose U.S./Israeli policies in the Middle East would be a betrayal of comrades in the struggle for immigrant rights."

Meneses continued, "Immigrants don't come to the U.S. looking for 'democracy.' They are looking to escape their economies, destroyed by U.S. commercial policies." The case of Elvira Arellano and her young son Saul epitomizes this.

Elvira Arellano was "driven to come to this country by the economic policies of the United States." Arellano said she is an activist with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which organizes families with U.S. citizen children facing separation by deportation. She went seven times to Washington, D.C., to testify before Congress, putting family unity at the center of the immigration debate. She mobilized a mass protest on July 5, 2005, in Chicago, a demonstration that drew 50,000 people. She helped form the Coalition for African Asian Arab European Latino Immigrants of Illinois (CAAAELII).

ICE called her and ordered her to pack her bags and report for deportation.

She called on everyone at the conference to pick up their cell phones and lodge protests with Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama. They did.
And, I urge you to pick up your cell phone or email client and contact every reporter who gives NAIR the time of day.

Minuteman leader reportedly attacked in Lake Forest, CA - 08/14/06

From this:

Raymond Herrera, national rally coordinator for The Minuteman Project co-founded by Jim Gilchrist, was attacked at a day labor site in Lake Forest, California over the weekend. While Herrera was exercising his First Amendment right to speak out against illegal immigration, he was run over by an irate truck driver not once, but twice...

Is Michelle Nichols of Reuters a liar? - 07/27/06

[7/28/06 UPDATE: Reuters has corrected the article, see below.]

Michelle Nichols of Reuters offers a report about yesterday's Minuteman rally and book launch entitled "Immigration protesters scuffle in New York". As predicted, the MSM coverage of this event did not provide any details on the protesters, and it was biased in another way as well:
Immigration activists clashed at the site of the World Trade Center on Wednesday when an anti-illegal immigration group called for secure borders to avoid a repeat of the September 11 attacks and counterprotesters yelled "racists go home."

Members of the Minuteman Project, which patrols the U.S.-Mexican border for illegal immigrants, pushed and shoved members of an immigrant rights group that showed up at the event.

Jim Gilchrist and Jerome Corsi, authors of "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders," were whisked away when some immigrant rights supporters broke through a police barrier and scuffled with Minutemen supporters...
If you're familiar with the coverage from the MSM - and especially Reuters and the AP - you've probably already assumed that Michelle Nichols is lying in the second paragraph. And, her third paragraph even implies that she's not telling the whole truth.

Then, there's this slightly less biased report from Samantha Henry of the Herald News:
As the rally continued, several pro-immigrant supporters broke away from their police-designated pen across the street and surrounded the Minutemen, who numbered about 30. Several shouting matches ensued.
And, in this audio interview, Gilchrist says that Michelle Nichols is indeed a liar. He also says that the pro-illegal immigration forces infiltrated their group with four protesters, who would occasionaly break away and rush the mike. And, he says his wife was pushed by protesters.

If Reuters were concerned with their reputation - instead of apparently being more concerned with pushing either a far-left or pro-cheap labor agenda - they'd look into whether their reporter is telling the truth or not.

There's some background on Reuters here, and also write to those sources that published this report:

longislandpress.com/index.php?show=contact (longislandpress.com/?cp=162&show=article&a_id=9221)

abcnews.go.com/Reference/story?id=54216 (abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=2240196)

editor *at* reuters.com

7/28/06 UPDATE: At this page, Reuters provides an update, saying "Corrects description of scuffle in second paragraph". The other paragraphs appear the same, here's the new second para:
Supporters of the Minuteman Project, which patrols the U.S.-Mexican border for illegal immigrants, and immigrant rights activists, who showed up at the Minuteman event, became involved in a heated argument.

There are photos of the event here (eldiariony.com/galerias/minuteman072706/index.htm) and here: news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/ffd6d165bc0241aa9f7174f2395fe7a3 news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/cd94dd2dc1c645b0903b3fbd0f475d0b news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/57fce14624d846149d975c1260726062 news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/48f54511174041838db3c320ad09ec72 news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/08ec463a317c4ac2b2e7896631bb5f2a news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/057935e972174069baf5b48c725161d0 news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/56873f18f72c41bf9b4be6df5d76be77 news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/1b999a6c022745cabdacdfb98567831a news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060726/480/8d3e56eb2a534506aa14aeaea59353d5

ADL's (latest) smear job on Minuteman Project - 04/27/06

My sentiments exactly:
ADL Engages In McCarthyism

What else can you their report entitled "Extremists Declare 'Open Season' on Immigrants: Hispanics Target of Incitement and Violence"? It goes on about Nazi and Klan violence and racist rhetoric – and having set the bait, pull a big switch and tar non-racist, non-violent opponents of illegal immigration as "extremists" and "vigilantes".
Note that for some reason Drudge was linking to this smear job from the ADL. The Anti-Defamation League was discussed last year in relation to a similar, shorter smear job, and also in this post about CSM reporter Brad Knickerbocker. And, they even tried something similar in November 2002: Group Lumps Conservatives with Klansmen and Neo-Nazis. Should anyone with any ability to reason and to understand logical fallacies believe anything they say?

Casa de Maryland might soon get big surprise - 02/25/06

The Casa de Maryland is a state-funded group that supports illegal immigration.

Gustavo Torres, their executive director, recently said this about the Minuteman Project members who've been monitoring illegal labor hiring halls:

Loony Texans oppose Minutemen; Perry offers lukewarm support - 09/24/05

"Minuteman border patrol raises opposition in Texas" (link) has a roundup of the open borders types that oppose the Minuteman Project.

Those include Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, D-McAllen and 10 other state senators as well as U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas Democrat. Plus:

Memo to Dan Walters: there's more to it than just the illegal aliens - 07/21/05

Dan Walters has a rather unremarkable column entitled "Debate over immigration never ends" that roundsup the attempts by Americans to end illegal immigration, and the attempts by those on the other side to encourage more of it.

It includes the following:
To many, illegal immigrants are simply human beings seeking to better themselves by filling difficult, low-paying jobs in agriculture, construction, restaurants and hotels that are vital to the economy. But to others, they are law-breaking invaders who drain the public treasury and whose ability to gain entry into California should not be rewarded.
It's not just about the illegal aliens themselves. It's also about employers making money off illegal immigration, political corruption, ethnic nationalism, legislators with obviously divided loyalties, and so on. Oddly enough, he doesn't acknowledge any of those issues.

Last weekend, the immigration fires were rekindled when a handful of self-named California Minutemen began patrolling the border with Mexico, supposedly to help the Border Patrol spot illegal immigrants, but in reality to draw media attention and stir up opposition to illegal immigration.

The Minutemen likened themselves to a Neighborhood Watch but some apparently were armed and they attracted, as expected, denunciations from Latino rights groups, which branded them as vigilantes.
Now, read this. If the reports of the activities of the other side at Campo are any indication, the only surprise is that they weren't wearing white sheets. Strangely, that's not mentioned either.