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Conservative bloggers who support amnesty (Rubio; Hot Air, Morrissey, Johnsen, Loesch, Moran, Mataconis...) - 01/21/13

... blogger at @SooperMexican. * Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller ( @mattklewis; peekURL.com/z4y7Hrt ): If Rubio were to pull this off, he would have a major accomplishment under his belt. It would be a “legacy” issue that might serve as a springboard to the White House... The hope is that Rubio’s common sense approach to what he views as a humanitarian crisis wins converts on both sides. If there was...

ACHIEVE Act draft: GOP's version of anti-American DREAM Act immigration amnesty - 11/16/12

Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller has obtained a draft of the "ACHIEVE Act", an immigration amnesty program for younger illegal aliens ( peekURL.com/znPTmcX ). It's the GOP own anti-American version of the anti-American DREAM Act: Essentially, the proposal involves several tiers: W-1 visa status would allow an immigrant to attend college or serve in the military (they have six years to get a degree...

Pat Buchanan off MSNBC: Van Jones and elites win; working Americans lose; Teaparty still incompetent - 01/08/12

... seen MSNBC bring on pundits like Matt Lewis, S.E. Cupp (SE Cupp), and a host of people from National Review. Say what you might about them, but each one of them is better than Pat Buchanan. "Represent[ing] modern conservatism"?? Who cares. What I want is someone who represents the interests of most Americans and the two named hacks aren't it. While some at National Review fall on the Americans...